Choosing the Right Custom Glass Shower Enclosure for Your Bathroom

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Bathroom,Interior,With,Frameless,Shower,Stall,And,Freestanding,Bathtub.,StallA custom glass shower enclosure can elevate the look and functionality of your bathroom. It adds a touch of elegance and creates a spa-like atmosphere. However, with various options available, selecting the right custom glass shower enclosure can be a daunting task. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of choosing the perfect enclosure for your bathroom, taking into consideration factors such as style, space, and maintenance.

1. Consider Your Bathroom Style:

The first step in choosing a custom glass shower enclosure is to consider your bathroom’s overall style. Are you aiming for a sleek and modern look, or do you prefer a more traditional and timeless design? The style of your bathroom will help determine the appropriate type of glass, hardware finishes, and door style for the enclosure. For a contemporary feel, you may opt for a frameless glass enclosure, while a framed or semi-frameless design may complement a more traditional bathroom.

2. Evaluate Available Space:

The size and layout of your bathroom should also be taken into account when selecting a custom glass shower enclosure. Measure the available space to determine the appropriate size and shape of the enclosure. If your bathroom is on the smaller side, a corner shower enclosure or a sliding door may be a better choice to maximize space. For larger bathrooms, you have more flexibility with options such as walk-in showers or hinged doors.

3. Decide on Glass Thickness:

When it comes to custom glass shower enclosures, the thickness of the glass is an important consideration. Thicker glass not only adds durability but also creates a luxurious and substantial feel. Common glass thickness options range from 3/8 inch to 1/2 inch, with thicker glass offering enhanced stability and reduced vibration. However, keep in mind that thicker glass may require sturdier hardware and potentially increase the cost of the enclosure.

4. Choose the Right Door Style:

The door style is another crucial aspect of a custom glass shower enclosure. Consider your bathroom layout, personal preferences, and ease of use when deciding on the door style. Popular options include swinging doors, sliding doors, and pivot doors. Swinging doors are ideal for larger bathrooms but require ample space to open. Sliding doors are space-efficient and work well in tight quarters. Pivot doors offer a stylish and contemporary look, swinging in or out depending on your preference.

5. Assess Maintenance Requirements:

Maintaining a clean and sparkling shower enclosure is essential to preserve its beauty and longevity. Different glass options have varying maintenance requirements, so consider your willingness to maintain the enclosure before making a decision. Clear glass, for example, may show water spots and streaks more prominently but can be easily cleaned with regular glass cleaner. Frosted or textured glass may require less frequent cleaning but can hide stains or soap scum more effectively.

6. Explore Additional Features:

Custom glass shower enclosures offer various additional features that can enhance your showering experience. Consider incorporating features such as built-in shelving, seating, or even steam options. These features can add convenience and functionality to your shower enclosure. It’s important to communicate your preferences and requirements to the glass company during the design phase to ensure they can be incorporated seamlessly.


Selecting the right custom glass shower enclosure for your bathroom can transform it into a luxurious and inviting space. By considering your bathroom style, available space, glass thickness, door style, maintenance requirements, and additional features, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your aesthetic preferences and practical needs. A well-designed custom glass shower enclosure will not only beautify your bathroom but also provide a functional and enjoyable showering experience for years to come.

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