Commercial Glass Products in New Hope, MN

There’s something special about commercial glass products when used effectively in your New Hope, MN company. It’s transparent, allowing you to see through it. It’s reflective, allowing light to illuminate surfaces and items in your business. At Custom Glass & Screen, we offer your business a wide variety of glass products and custom glass here in New Hope, Plymouth, Maple Grove, Minneapolis, and Saint Paul, MN.

Our commercial glass products include:

  • Glass Desktops and Tabletops

    Daily or careless use can quickly transform expensive office furniture from new to shabby. Reception area furniture, office desks, computer desks and conference tables can all benefit from protective glass tops since most people unconsciously treat glass with more respect than materials they perceive to be unbreakable, even though they may be more susceptible to damage.

  • Glass Shelving

    For an upscale look, replace steel or wood shelves with glass. The resulting change in lighting and presentation can make your displays more enticing. We can supply shelves of any size made from 1/4, 3/8 or 1/2″ clear or tinted glass in annealed or tempered for extra strength.

  • Glass Showcases and Displays

    Showcases highlight your merchandise while protecting it from curious or sticky fingers. They are available in many view and shape configurations with lighting and security options for countertop, wall mount, and freestanding varieties. We can also replace damaged or broken glass in your current displays.

If it’s made with glass, chances are we can order, build or repair it. Contact us today for commercial glass repair, storefront glass, and much more. A few other products we provide and service include:

  • Mirrors – stainless and aluminum framed, theft-proof, security, hinged triple-view, two-way or transparent
  • Mirror walls – studios, conference rooms, dressing rooms
  • Rolling and sliding doors – cabinets, showcases, displays
  • Partitions – room or countertop
  • Transaction and pass-through windows
  • Sneeze guards
  • Smoke baffles