Office and Showroom Glass in New Hope, MN

Showroom and office glass can be super versatile in New Hope, MN. There are so many ways you can incorporate glass and other reflective surfaces into your office and other spaces at your place of business. If you’re not sure, our trained staff at Custom Glass & Screen can advise you on the best way you can use glass to enhance your facility. From offices or factories to retail stores and showrooms, there’s no end to the usefulness of glass.

Check out the many ways you can use glass

Glass can be used to create a variety of structures including, walls, room dividers, and doors. Glass can be used to create rooms, offices or vestibules—providing function without sacrificing openness, limiting access while maintaining visibility, or reducing sound levels from noisy areas.

A few we like include:

  • Walls

    Glass walls can be constructed economically with standard commercial aluminum doors and framing, fixed butt-glazed frameless panels for a clean look, or in a sliding, rolling or stacking system when full access is desired. Heavy glass doors, panels, and railings add upscale elegance.

  • Partitions

    Countertop partitions are an attractive means of providing separation between personnel and clients as well as defining access and protecting work areas.

  • Panels

    Open areas above walls can be closed off with glass panels to moderate ambient noise and its distractions, and increase privacy within the enclosed space with minimal effect on the lighting or character of a room.

  • Mirrors and Mirror Walls

    Strategically located mirrors and mirror walls brighten and enliven a showroom making displays stand out. Stainless and aluminum framed, theft-proof and hinged mirrors are available for customer and employee convenience.

  • Windows

    For security or observation windows, we can furnish one-way glass, variously known as a one-way mirror, two-way mirror, transparent mirror or mirror pane, and convex mirrors for interior or exterior safety or surveillance.

No matter what your commercial glass or custom cut glass or mirror needs might be for your New Hope, Plymouth, Maple Grove, Minneapolis, or Saint Paul, MN business, Custom Glass & Screen can handle them. Contact us today to set up a consultation on glass for your office, heavy equipment, or other commercial glass products.