Opening Up Space in Your Home Using Mirrors

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Mirrors from a professional like Custom Glass & Screen are excellent multitaskers. You add style and function to your home. One of those functions is opening up space and making your rooms bigger and brighter. Although you may have a good idea about where to hang mirrors in your home, there are far better ways you can maximize their function. By hanging them correctly, you can create more space in small rooms. 

What Mirrors Make Spaces Bigger?

A single oversized mirror is the best option for curing cramped spaces. It helps expand the sense of visual space. Many people make the mistake of grouping small mirrors to get the same effect. This can only work if the small mirrors are frameless; otherwise, stick to one big mirror instead. Even with big mirrors, it’s also prudent to keep the frame simple and thin. An ornate frame can hinder your goal of making the place feel bigger.

How To Make  a Room Bigger With Mirrors

Making space larger with mirrors requires careful selection of mirrors and the placement site. Experts recommend placing the mirror roughly 60 inches from the floor to the center of the mirror unless you’re hanging it over a mantle or headboard. You also want to keep your wall art hanging at a reasonably uniform height. Give the walls some room to breathe. You can also brighten a rather dull room with natural light by hanging mirrors opposite windows with natural lighting. If you don’t have a window, positioning the mirror near a light fixture will achieve the same effect.

Expert Tips for Decorating Your Space With Mirrors

The Bigger, the Better

To create a focal point or get the maximum effect from your mirror, make sure it’s big enough. If you can make one entire wall a custom mirror, even better. However, you need to be more careful not to exaggerate. Give your walls enough room to breathe. If you can’t afford to get one big mirror, work with medium-sized ones as they help create an intimate experience. Be careful not to crowd the wall space with other objects.

Pair Your Mirrors With a Light Source

Experts recommend using the reflection trick to add some atmosphere and brightness to a room. The lights can further complement your mirror, making it a great focal point. You can add small frames to hold lamps and candles. You can also add bulbs around the mirrors to provide more lighting to the room.

Create Windows

If you only have one window or don’t have any, find a mirror that looks like a window to mimic a window. It helps open the space up and prevent claustrophobia. The window mirror can also act as a focal point.

Turn Them On Their Side

Some mirrors function best when hanging opposite artwork, a door, or a window. To achieve this, you can always turn them to face the direction you want, depending on your space. This is highly recommended if you’re using long skinny mirrors.

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