7 Benefits of Low E Glass During Winter

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If you live in a freezing climate, you want to take every step to keep your home warm and comfortable throughout winter. Experts estimate over 70 percent of energy loss occurs through doors and windows, and 90 percent of window heat loss occurs through the glass. One of the best types of glass used by Custom Glass & Screen for winter to keep your home warm is Low E glass, which allows the sun’s short-wave infrared energy to pass through the glass. Here are the top Low-E glass advantages during winter.

1. Reduced Energy Costs

Non-coated windows and doors are the leading cause of energy loss. Low E glass helps cut back energy loss, helping you save more on energy costs. That means your heating cost will significantly be reduced thanks to the thermal properties and microscopic coatings.

2. Insulative

The coating makes the Low E glass more insulative than standard non-coated glass. The coating reflects heat to your home during winter and outside during summer, meaning that the insulative properties will be helpful throughout the year.

3. Protects Your Home From Destructive UV Rays

UV rays are harmful not only to our bodies but also to our homes. They can damage flooring, carpets, drapes, and fabrics. They also lead to the fading and wearing out of furniture and other items in the house. Installing Low E glass reduces the number of rays entering your home through windows. Getting residential window replacements made of Low E glass helps protect your home’s valuables, including fabrics, furniture, and flooring, by blocking the rays from entering your home.

4. Non-Toxic

The coating used on Low E glass windows is non-toxic. You don’t need to worry about harmful and dangerous chemicals affecting you or your loved ones.

5. Allows Natural Light To Flow

For your Low E glass to work, you need to avoid placing curtains behind them. That means enjoying the warmth and light from the sun throughout the year. The coating is tintless and nearly colorless, providing you with a clear view of the outdoor space. While the light may be slightly less visible than it would through a completely clear pane of glass, they still allow plenty of natural light to flow into your home.

6. Long Lasting

The Low E coating is strong and durable. It is evenly applied to the entire surface of the glass, meaning it’s less likely to get damaged or scratched. In fact, not many people can tell your glass window is Low E unless they’re experts in glass coatings or know how to check.

7. Cost Effective

Low E glass windows are an excellent investment as they cost a couple of dollars more than regular glass windows. The extra cost will pay itself in the long run through energy savings. Since the glass is durable, you can expect to enjoy low energy bills for a long time.

Are you looking to install Low E glass before winter sets in? Custom Glass & Screen has the right professionals to complete the job successfully. We make sure that our products and services match your standards and expectations. Contact us today to schedule a consultation on your glass project.

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