What Are the Differences Between Clear and Frosted Glass Shower Doors

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Your shower door is something you might not have given a huge amount of thought to in the past, but perhaps that lack of thought was a mistake. It seems that there are reasons to consider if you should get a frosted shower door or a clear one from Custom Glass & Screen, and we want to take a moment to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Which Glass Shower Door Will Make Your Bathroom Look Much Lighter and Brighter?

There is no question that a clear glass door is the better option for your shower if your objective is to make the room appear larger and brighter. If that is all that you are after, then your answer is right there.

When you use a clear shower door, you are tricking your eyes into seeing more space in the room. Compare this to the experience you get when you have a frosted shower door, and there is really no comparison. Given that human eyes cannot see through a frosted glass door, the room will appear smaller because our eyes will discount the spaces they cannot see.

On the downside, clear custom shower doors will present you with a lack of privacy. If you are trying to keep yourself from being seen when you are in the shower, this is probably not the best type of door for you. This is largely dependent on who else lives in the house with you, and you need to take that into account when trying to figure out which door to go with.

Are Frosted Glass Shower Doors the Best?

You start to think about the lack of privacy that you might have with a clear glass shower door, and you might immediately want to shift your focus over to getting a frosted glass door. After all, it just makes sense that you might want to go with a frosted glass door if the clear one does work for you, right?

There are advantages to a frosted glass door, such as the added layers of privacy that such a door can provide to you. It prevents people from seeing you and keeps your shower time private. The frosted doors also have a nice look to them that people appreciate.

Frosted glass doors also require less cleaning than clear doors as it is less easy to see any dirt or grime build-up on these doors. However, you should also understand that frosted glass doors may make your bathroom seem smaller compared to the clear ones. You need to be aware that this door will also bring a darker appearance to your room as a whole. Contact us if you’re interested in your own now!

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