How You Can Use Frosted Glass to Upgrade Your Home’s Interior

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Looking for some ways to add a unique flair to the interior of your home? This is often a point of focus for people who have older, more closed-off floor plans, who need to figure out ways to make the home seem more open.

Frosted glass is one way you can create airier, more luxurious interior spaces while still being able to divide rooms—it’s one of our favorite tricks for home upgrades with custom glass.

Here are just a few examples of some creative ways in which home designers often use frosted glass in interior settings to add some creativity and functionality.

Between dining and living rooms

Today’s modern home designs tend to use open concepts that blend kitchens, living and dining rooms all together into a single large area. Older houses, however, tend to have these areas separated.

If you want a natural flow from room to room but would still like a little bit of differentiation in your spaces, you could cut out space in the walls to implement some artistic and beautiful frosted glass panels. This will help open up the space, increase light flow and make it easier to communicate between rooms, but it will also keep the rooms separate, allowing you to differentiate between the experiences of the dining and living rooms.

At entryways

Frosted glass is already a fixture for front doors and in the spaces surrounding front doors. You can go a step further at your entryways with frosted glass and use it in the space between the entryway and your living areas.

Entryways are often a location in the home where there is a lot of mess due to sloppy shoes, coats that get hastily hung up and backpacks that get thrown all over the place. You might not want to cover up the area entirely, but adding frosted glass doorways into the rest of your home can be a great way to create some synergy with the front door and have a little bit of light and flow into the rest of your home.

Upstairs to downstairs

Homes that have two stories will often have vaulted ceilings in the living room area, which means the upper half of the wall is likely to run against an upstairs room. If this is a public room, you could remove a portion of the wall to create a balcony.

If it’s a bedroom, you could add a frosted, cut-out window to have the spaces flow together a bit but still maintain some privacy. You could allow the glass insert to swing out and even add a couple curtains. This custom-cut glass would allow for great communication between the spaces while preserving plenty of privacy.

These are just a few examples of some of the ways you can get creative with frosted glass in your home to combine decor and functionality. For more tips about how you can use this feature throughout your home, reach out to the experts at Custom Glass & Screen today.

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