Replacement Window Installation: Is This a DIY or Pro Project?

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Window replacement can transform your property. It can drastically improve aesthetics and efficiency. If you’ve decided to make this investment, the next important decision is how to install the windows. Should you try it yourself, or should you reach out to the professionals?

Well, that depends. Window replacement might be feasible for some homeowners as a DIY effort, but not always. Here’s what you should consider as you make your decision about window replacement.

The benefits of DIY

If you decide to make window replacement a DIY project, you could save money on the installation… maybe. If you have advanced carpentry skills and have the right tools to complete the job, you may be able to replace your windows without paying the labor cost associated with professional installers. However, if you make any mistakes that damage the windows or make them less effective, or if you suffer injury, the installation is likely to cost you more in the long run.

A DIY project can also help you learn new skills. After all, if you never try anything new, you’ll never learn, right? True. Just keep in mind that window replacement is a fairly hefty project. It’s not a beginner-level task. If you’re a newbie to DIY, this one might not be the place to get started.

Completing the window replacement yourself may also give you additional pride of ownership in your home. When you put your own sweat equity into the property, you can be proud of your accomplishment and take greater enjoyment in your surroundings. On the flip side, if the project doesn’t go well, you may end up with more frustration than joy and pride.

The benefits of hiring a professional

Hiring a pro for window replacement offers significant benefits. The first is significant time savings. If your calendar seems to fill up quickly, you might want to assign this task to the pros. Professionals can install your windows quickly and efficiently, while you focus your time on other things. Those other things might even be other DIY projects you enjoy more!

Professional window replacement also ensures the windows are installed correctly. Experts may be able to achieve better results than you can on your own. They have the knowledge, skill, and equipment to get the job done right the first time. You can rest assured your newly installed windows will operate properly and efficiently, and that they’ll look great.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, professional window replacement comes with guarantees that DIY installation does not. A written warranty for parts, labor and installation is standard with professional work. This will give you protection and peace of mind if anything does go wrong during the process or afterwards.

If you’re looking for a pro…

If you decide to take advantage of the many benefits of professional window replacement, contact the experts at Custom Glass & Screen. We’ve been providing quality windows for satisfied customers since 1975. Our highly trained staff is ready to assist you with all your glass needs. Reach us today at 763-537-0949 to get started.

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