Major Differences Between Residential and Commercial Windows

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When you’re in the market for residential or commercial window installation in Minneapolis, MN, it’s important to know the difference between residential and commercial-type windows. You can’t just buy a residential window for a commercial building, as they aren’t built the same. Residential and commercial windows differ greatly in style, price and efficiency. They’re also often made from different materials. Read on to learn more about the major differences between commercial and residential windows.

Differences in design

Commercial and residential windows appear different from one another. This is because commercial windows are usually built much larger in an effort to let in plenty of light. Office spaces and other businesses often need natural light to cover more area. You’ll also find that commercial windows have simple designs. Residential windows, on the other hand, are more likely to come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles.

Differences in tinting

More heat builds up in commercial buildings due to the larger number of people. Taller buildings are even more susceptible to higher temperatures. That’s why commercial windows often need a layer of window tint or film that will deflect sunlight. This not only helps keep the temperature cool inside, but also prevents buildings from overworking their HVAC systems.

That said, there are options for tinted residential windows as well. Most of the time, these windows cost a bit extra, but they could be a good investment if you live in a warmer climate.

Differences in installation

Residential windows are much easier to install than commercial windows. This is because residential windows are lighter and don’t usually require the use of complex equipment. In fact, some people are able to install residential windows on their own. If you’re not experienced, though, it’s best to contact a residential and commercial window installation expert in Minneapolis, MN to do the job for you.

Since commercial windows are often custom-made, they’re more difficult to install. Installing a commercial window usually takes much more time than installing a residential one.

Differences in strength

Residential windows aren’t built as strong as commercial windows simply because they don’t have to be. Commercial windows, especially on tall buildings, have to withstand high winds and heavier rainfall. Good commercial windows can last for years without needing replacement.

All that said, it’s important to invest in strong windows for your residential property as well. This will help protect against storms and other types of weather. It will also prevent the need to constantly repair and replace your windows.

Differences in cost

Costs between residential and commercial windows can vary greatly. Commercial windows often require the use of specialized equipment for installation, which adds to the already higher prices of the windows themselves. That said, you can find fair prices on both types of windows as long as you partner with a reputable company.

No matter what type of window you need, it’s important to team up with a professional window installation company. Doing the job on your own can often result in installation mistakes and even injuries. If you’re in need of commercial glass repair or replacement services in Minneapolis, MN, contact the experts at Custom Glass & Screen today.

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