When Is It Time to Replace My Window Screens?

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Window screens allow us to feel the nice cool breeze of a summer evening without worrying about pesky insects worming their way into our homes. They’ve become more than a convenience—window screens are a necessary accessory to any window inside your home.

But, in the same way that you may think about window replacement or window repair in Minneapolis, MN, you also need to consider window screen replacement. A broken or torn screen defeats its purpose. Here are ways to tell that it’s time to replace your window screens.

Visible signs of damage

If your window screens are ripped, frayed, warped or riddled with holes, it’s time to replace them. A broken screen is a nonfunctional screen.

When inspecting your window screens, make sure to check the frame in addition to the screen, because that can wear out as well. Signs of corrosion or worn corners could mean the screen should be replaced.

Screens are shiny

Because they are right next to your windows, your screens will get a considerable amount of sunlight. The ultraviolet light from the sun’s rays constantly shining on your screens will cause them to age. A shiny screen indicates this process has begun, and it has likely become weaker than a fresh screen would be.

Presence of insects

If you’re frequently finding small bugs in your home or in certain areas of your house with windows, you should check the screens in that room. The problem could be a tiny tear in the screen, warping of the screen’s frame or the screen not fitting into the window frame correctly.

Windows are hard to open and close

It shouldn’t be a massive struggle to open or close your windows. Because your window screen sits in the same frame as the window, a warped or broken screen can make a window more difficult to open. Before calling for window repair or window replacement in Minneapolis, MN, check your screens to see if they are the problem.

Higher level of exterior noise

One ancillary benefit of using window screens is their ability to filter outside noise. If you live near a busy street or train tracks, this can be helpful. But if you’re realizing noises from outside are becoming more noticeable, then the problem may be your window screens.

Increased energy costs

Not only do window screens keep bugs and noise out, but they also provide a buffer between the sun and the interior of your home. But failing screens may not be able to keep the sun at bay, and this may be reflected in your energy bill, because more energy is needed to cool your home.

Call to get your new window screens today

As great as window screens are, they are only useful if they’re in top shape. If your window screens are old or worn, and you’d like to receive the benefits that brand-new window screens can offer, give us a call at Custom Glass & Screen. We’re the experts in window repair and window replacement in Minneapolis, MN, and our goal is to ensure your windows and screens look and work great so you and your family can live in comfort this summer and all year round.

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