What’s the Difference Between Ceramic vs. Tempered Glass?

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If you have a stove or fireplace door, eventually the glass in the door may need to be replaced. There are two types of glass on the market typically used for these doors: ceramic and tempered. You may be wondering what the difference is and which you should use.

Both have their uses and benefits. It’s always important to find a high-quality stove glass replacement option in Minneapolis, MN, and to hire a contractor to install it who’s knowledgeable and can help you every step of the way. Here are the basic similarities and differences between ceramic and tempered glass.

Ceramic glass

Ceramic glass is typically used in applications that involve extremely high temperatures, such as wood, coal and pellet stoves. That’s because it can withstand temperatures in excess of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

For example, a wood-burning stove is often used with the door closed to maximize the heat in an area. Ceramic glass is used in this situation to withstand that intense heat. It may also be used as a fireplace insert or on a masonry fireplace door in cases where manufacturers believe the temperatures will exceed that threshold.

Tempered glass

Tempered glass is a more common choice for a fireplace door. Fireplaces are typically not operated with the door closed, so there isn’t as much of a need to protect the door from extreme heat like there is with ceramic glass.

Tempered glass tends to be less expensive than ceramic glass as well, making it a popular choice for fireplace glass replacement. Nevertheless, tempered glass is a very safe material to use for most applications. It is much more durable than ordinary glass as it is made in a process that creates tension and compression in the glass.

Which one is best for you?

Which type of glass you choose all depends on whether you want to leave your stove or fireplace door open or closed. If you want to keep it closed, then a ceramic glass door may be a better choice. For those who prefer to keep the door open, there’s no need for the additional expense, and a tempered glass door is the stronger option. Keep in mind that if you expose glass to heat beyond what it’s intended for, it can be damaged or shatter. Your glass contractor can help you determine the ideal glass for your needs.

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