Prepare Your Home for Window Replacement

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What many homeowners in Minneapolis, MN don’t realize is that more preparation goes into a new window installation than they might think. With this in mind, it’s smart to determine which parts of the house technicians will have to access and what you can do to help their job go a lot smoother. The following steps will help jump start your home window installation.

Clear a workspace

Technicians need several feet of space around each window to lay down a tarp and their equipment. Make sure the floor is clear of tripping hazards and push aside furniture as a courtesy to the workers. Also, don’t forget to remove any window treatment. Prepping the space before their arrival will help your new window installation run a lot faster.

The installation might require technicians to work along the exterior of your home. If this is the case, anticipate seeing workers behind the hedges and inside flower beds. Now is the time to cut back overgrown branches so they don’t get in the way. Relocate potted flowers and accept the fact that a few of those planted in the ground might be disrupted in the process.

Keep pets in separate rooms

Even though we love our furry companions, they don’t all get along with strangers. Technicians can’t get their work done if a little yapper is nipping at their heels. Perhaps you have a dog that’s so friendly he can’t help but constantly beg for attention from your guests. Either way, cats and dogs should remain in a crate or locked room during the installation process.

Keep a close eye on your pets while the technicians are hard at work. Dogs with free rein around the yard might escape if someone accidentally forgets to close the gate. While technicians care about the safety of your pets, their main focus is completing the new window installation in a quick and efficient manner.

Plan your day accordingly

As a general rule, one member of the household should be present during the installation. A technician might have questions to ask before they can proceed with installing your new home windows. In the event of a problem, they’ll have to get in contact with the homeowner right away. You may be able to run quick errands around Minneapolis, MN during the installation as long as you notify the crew leader that you’re heading out. Otherwise, a household member definitely needs to be home at the beginning and end of the installation.

Remove cars from the driveway

The technicians will most likely set up shop in your driveway. Anticipate this by moving cars into the garage, but only if you plan to stay home for the day. Family members who have to leave in the middle of the installation should park in the street because it would take too long for the crew to pack up, allow the car to back out, then reset all their equipment.

When you follow all these steps, installing your new home windows should turn out to be a positive experience for technicians and homeowners alike. To get started on your next home improvement project, check out the window services at Custom Glass & Screen. We proudly install windows for the residents of Minneapolis, MN while keeping their safety in mind throughout the entire process.

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