Why Use Ceramic Glass for Fireplace Doors?

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Glass shattering into giant shards makes for some dramatic movie scenes, but in reality, most of the glass around our homes—including our fireplace doors—is either ceramic or tempered glass. Tempered glass is manufactured to shatter in small, dull, less harmful pieces, as opposed to large, sharp shards that can cut you and cause serious injury. The heat treatment tempered glass undergoes compresses it and makes it stronger, so it’s able to withstand more pressure and heat.

Ceramic glass is similar. It’s also treated to withstand extreme heat and pressure. If it fractures, it will also break into much smaller, less harmful pieces. Like tempered glass, it’s a smart choice for fireplaces. Here’s why you should consider ceramic glass for your fireplace doors in Minneapolis, MN.

What is ceramic glass?

Ceramic glass is formed using a two-step process. First, the glass is made in a normal glass manufacturing process. It cools down and is reheated in the second step, where crystallization is encouraged. This makes the glass extra durable, able to tolerate temperatures up to 1,382 degrees Fahrenheit. It also allows even more heat to escape through the glass than regular or tempered glass. This makes it ideal for stoves and fireplaces.

Why choose ceramic glass over tempered glass?

Ceramic glass has some specific attributes that make it perfect for fireplace doors and wood pellet stoves. Like any material, it also has a few downsides—but overall, it’s a great, safe choice for your fireplace glass. Here’s why you should consider choosing it for your fireplace:

  • Can handle higher heat: Tempered glass is designed to withstand high heat, but it tops out at 500 degrees Fahrenheit before it starts to break. That’s fine if you’re using a fireplace with open doors, but when yours is designed to be operated with the doors shut, it can shatter easily. Ceramic glass, on the other hand, can handle temperatures up to 1,382 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s a much smarter, safer choice for your home.
  • Safe and durable: Speaking of safety and durability, ceramic glass is naturally safer and more durable than tempered glass, specifically because of its high heat tolerance. If you have small children around, using ceramic glass is a must.
  • Works better for stoves and ovens: Finally, ceramic glass is also a must if you are using pellet or wood stoves and ovens. These appliances are also designed to operate when closed, so they need glass that can withstand high heat. Furthermore, since ceramic glass can let more heat through the glass than tempered glass, it will keep your home pleasantly warm at a more efficient rate.

Keeping your home safe and your fireplace doors functional are two goals that don’t need to be at odds with each other. Choose ceramic glass, and you’ll never have to worry about broken fireplace doors in Minneapolis, MN again.

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