Should I Remove My Window Screens for the Winter?

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As crazy as it may seem, winter is just around the corner. It seems like it was just yesterday that we were looking forward to summer during this most unusual year, and now colder weather is soon to be upon us again. Home maintenance when the seasons change always involves a checklist of tasks for homeowners, and the fall-to-winter transition is a crucial one. Making sure you’re bringing anything inside that shouldn’t be exposed to cold weather is a key task to perform, and many homeowners wonder whether or not this should include removing their window screens during winter in Minneapolis, MN.

Removing screens helps you go green

One surprising factor that impacts whether or not you should remove your screens for the winter is energy efficiency. Window screens block more natural light from entering than you might have imagined—removing them can allow up to 40 percent more natural light to enter your room! Allowing more natural light can also lead to lower heating bills, as these screens also block out the heat of these solar rays.

While blocking heat is no big deal (and actually desirable) in the summer months, those solar rays will come in handy in the winter, as they can help reduce the burden on your furnace. Ultimately, window screens and winter in Minneapolis, MN don’t mix, for the simple reason that screens can hamper natural heating.

Take advantage of the downtime

The nature of chores changes from season to season, and the winter months tend to be a bit slower than the warmer ones. If you remove your window screens during winter in Minneapolis, MN, it gives you the chance to assess them and determine if any repairs are necessary after cleaning them thoroughly. Debris like dead bugs and pollen can cloud up your screens and just look ugly, so washing them off regularly is a task you’ll want to tackle from time to time. Also, while some minor repairs can be effectively completed as DIY jobs, if you have more involved window and door screen repairs, the pros will be able to handle them quickly and efficiently.

Protect your home from storms

Another reason to remove your screens in the winter is that it gives you better protection against storms. Winter storms bring rain and snow, and screens can trap snow, holding it against your windows and the trim. Water can then gradually seep in over time, creating massive rot problems. Additionally, the weight of snow is not good for screens—this additional burden can easily cause them to bow and bend, which can mean repair or replacement will be necessary.

If your window or door screens are already looking a little worse for wear, it’s time to call Custom Glass & Screen. We’ve been helping customers for almost 50 years with their screening needs, and we believe that removing window screens during winter in Minneapolis, MN makes for a great opportunity for customers to get some repairs done. If your screens could use our professional touch to get them back to their former glory, give us a call today!

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