Replace vs. Repair: What to Do About Your Commercial Windows

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Many clients look into commercial window repair because they believe that may be less expensive than replacement. However, that is not always the case, and sometimes commercial window replacement in Minneapolis, MN is your best option. Before you make a decision on this investment, it’s a good idea to discuss possibilities with your commercial glass expert. Here are five factors to consider when making this decision:

  • Energy efficiency: Windows now have more energy-efficient properties than even 10 years ago. You may have to pay more upfront to upgrade your windows, but if you have a glass-enclosed storefront or unusually large windows, better, more energy-efficient glass will pay for itself in utility savings. As energy costs increase, there is a strong possibility that you are looking to reduce your business expenses overall. Upgrading your windows can contribute to that goal.
  • Window performance: Glass may become thinner and less likely to keep the elements outside where they belong. Weather seals become compromised over the years, and there can also be hazardous elements, including glass fragility, and dangerous materials like asbestos and lead. When you face hazards or performance issues, replacement is a “when,” not an “if.” Since broken windows put workers and customers in danger and compromise your security, it is a good idea to replace broken windows sooner than later.
  • Historic preservation: If you work in a historic building, you may not have the frames necessary to accommodate new and improved types of glass. In these cases, you likely need to bypass replacement and go straight into repair and restoration. Sometimes, this process is more labor intensive and can cost more to complete. However, it is also likely that we can find a window replacement that will work with your older design elements and offer improved durability and energy efficiency. There are always options, even if you need to meet historic standards.
  • Budget: Sometimes, you are truly limited by the funds you have on hand. In these cases, a short-term fix that keeps your business secure and removes blemishes may be the best option. Cracks can be managed with glazing, or we can replace small parts, like weather seals and insulating units. Later, when your finances improve, you can look into window replacement. But for the time being, a repair to a crack or other damage will keep windows intact and maintain your building’s first impression to customers.
  • Design: You may have a desire to remodel your commercial space, but COVID-19 fears and money issues make extensive projects impossible. However, there is a good chance that changing out your windows will have the desired effects and clean up your building’s image without the cost of construction. Just as windows improved with energy efficiency and material durability, they also expanded into new aesthetic choices. We offer paint colors and glass options to give your building a whole new look.

Custom Glass & Screen is available for your commercial window repair or replacement project in Minneapolis, MN. Call us today to request a quote and discuss your options for commercial window services.

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