Choosing the Right Glass Type for New Windows

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There are more options for window glass replacement as design and energy efficiency become larger concerns. It used to be that homeowners merely had to find the right frames with window glass installation in Minneapolis, MN, as there were no options beyond the usual single-paned glass. Now, you can evaluate the design, energy efficiency and your long- and short-term budget. It may seem an overwhelming prospect, but it is possible to choose the right glass type for your windows. Here are five factors to consider when making your decision:

  • Frame material: Your window frames offer energy efficiency and design properties. If you have wood frames, your windows already offer more insulation than standard vinyl frames. In that case, you may not have to spend as much on glass replacement, since you can choose a budget-friendly, less energy-efficient brand. Also, some types of glass work better in particular types of frames. You will need to discuss options in detail when you request a quote, especially if you are only replacing glass and keeping your old frames.
  • U-value: The U-value of a window indicates its resistance to heat loss. Lower U-values show better performance. If you are looking to save on utility bills, you likely want to secure the lowest U-value that you can afford in a window. The same is true if your home is older and particularly drafty—you may need all the help you can get to keep heat inside during the winter.
  • Solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC): While U-value is an important consideration for how windows perform in winter, the SHGC must be considered for the hot summer months. The SHGC measures the amount of heat that enters through the glass. A high SHGC means your air conditioner will work harder, while a low value indicates better performance in the summer. Since winter is not the only season where your utility bills can increase, it is a good idea to choose windows that offer a low SHGC and U-value.
  • Tinting: Homes that take in direct sunlight most of the day or do not benefit from shade trees may require tinted windows. The extra UV repellent can control cooling costs by offering more protection against heat. Tint is not detectable to your eye, and it will not interfere with your views. Adding it to a window with a low SHGC can help control summer AC costs if your home tends to become extra-warm this time of year.
  • Number of panes: Most windows are double-paned, and that offers what most homeowners need for maximum energy efficiency. This is also a good course of action if you want good light transference without excessive heat getting into your home in summer. However, since we have harsh winters, too, some homeowners prefer the extra protection of triple-paned windows. While you may notice better energy efficiency, you will also experience reduced visibility. It depends on your preferences whether that impact is worth the extra benefits of triple-paned windows.

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