What Causes Black Spots on a Mirror?

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When you’re redecorating your home, adding a mirror as a statement piece or to help create visual space is a great idea. You search high and low for the perfect mirror, finally finding something in a local antique store that is absolutely perfect for your space. However, as you inspect it, you notice black spots on the bottom of the mirror. Perhaps you’ve seen these before on other mirrors in your home. What exactly causes these black spots to appear on a mirror?

Fortunately, this perfect piece is not doomed to sit on the antique store floor forever. Once you’re able to figure out the causes of the black spots, it is possible to fix it. Whether you do it yourself or call in an expert in custom mirrors in Minneapolis, MN, getting rid of the black spots can make the mirror look like new.

Here are a few reasons these mysterious black spots might appear on your mirror:

  • Poor ventilation around the mirror: Be sure to leave space between the mirror and the wall in order to allow for ventilation. When the mirror is flush against the wall and moisture gets trapped, the silver backing on the mirror will begin to oxidize, causing the black spots.
  • Excessive moisture: The mirror could have been exposed to excess moisture in its previous location or during shipping. If you have purchased a new mirror, make sure it is completely dry before hanging. Try to avoid hanging any mirror in areas that will have exposure to water or steam. If this isn’t possible, such as in a bathroom, making sure there is proper ventilation and wiping down any excess moisture will sustain the life of the mirror.
  • Changes in temperature: Vast changes in temperature can also cause the black spots to appear. When storing your mirror, avoid keeping it outside or in unheated areas, and when installing, keep it in an area where the temperature is steady. When the temperature changes, the surfaces on the mirror will contract and expand, which will damage the mirror and make the black spots appear.
  • Exposure to chemicals: Chemical cleaners with an ammonia base can damage the mirror backing and edges, causing black spots to appear. Even window cleaning liquid, which is recommended for cleaning glass surfaces such as mirrors, can cause damage if it is allowed to puddle in the corners of the mirror, so be diligent about wiping these up when cleaning your mirror. Use warm water and a lint-free cloth whenever possible to avoid black spots.

Repair black spots on mirrors in Minneapolis, MN

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