Framed vs. Frameless Shower Doors

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When it is time to upgrade your shower doors, you may be shocked at how many choices you have when it comes to the design. Choosing the best shower door design for your space can enhance your entire bathroom, making it more beautiful and inviting than ever. One of the first decisions you will have to make is if you prefer framed or frameless shower doors in Minneapolis, MN.

Both framed and frameless shower doors are versatile, boosting the overall look of your bathroom, and you might want to just focus on the overall aesthetic that appeals to you more. However, both designs also have specific pros you should consider as you make the best decision for your bathroom.

Framed shower door pros

A heavy-duty aluminum frame surrounds the glass in a framed shower door, and this is an excellent choice if you’re transitioning from a simple shower curtain to a shower door in Minneapolis, MN. Here are the other benefits to choosing a framed shower door:

  • Increased stability: With the aluminum frame around the tempered glass, there is less risk of shattering because the panes have additional support on every side. Tempered glass is already a safer alternative to standard glass, but the frame adds a little increased safety.
  • Easy installation: Installing a framed shower door is as easy as hanging the frame, which can fit over any existing shower material. This avoids the need for well-placed individual hardware, making it much easier to install a framed shower door.
  • Less likely to leak: A framed shower door will have a track, a layer of caulk and the frame itself to help catch water. This makes a framed shower door more watertight and less likely to allow leaks.

Frameless shower door pros

Sturdy, tempered glass make up the panels of a frameless shower door, eliminating the need for a frame and enhancing the space with a modern look. Here are some other frameless shower door pros in Minneapolis, MN:

  • Easy maintenance: Without a frame, the shower doors are much easier to clean, helping eliminate gross soap scum and trapped moisture. And, if for some reason the door does break, it is much easier to order a replacement panel because you can order from a number of different manufacturers and not worry about fitting an existing frame.
  • Increased range of motion: Because frameless shower doors use hinges instead of a frame, the doors can open both inward and outward. This keeps you from being limited to one direction or a sliding door.
  • Enhance other design features: Frameless shower doors allow your entire bathroom to feel much more open, and the eye is more easily drawn to the tile work in the shower or other designs in your bathroom. You can still add attractive features to the door by choosing hinges and handles.

For more information on installing framed or frameless shower doors in Minneapolis, MN, and the pros and cons associated with each option, reach out to the professionals at Custom Glass & Screen today.

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