Using Window Screens to Protect Your Insulated Glass Windows

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Replacing insulated glass windows requires a significant budget. To avoid repairing or replacing this essential part of your property, it’s important to take steps to protect your windows. A great method for insulated glass protection in Minneapolis, MN is to install window screens.

When you add this layer of protection, you reap several window screen benefits in Minneapolis, MN. Consider the following perks of installing window screens for insulated glass protection:

  • Weather guard: Minnesota residents experience the full force of nature year-round. This means their properties do, too. Your windows have to face harsh winds, hail, rain, snow, sun and more. With no screens in place, your glass panes are directly exposed to these conditions. This leaves them vulnerable to damage during storms and extreme temperatures throughout the year. By adding screens, you provide insulated glass protection in Minneapolis, MN that could ultimately save your panes.
  • Dirt guard: It can be extremely frustrating to try to keep window panes clean. As soon as you you’re finished washing, flecks of dirt, mud and animal waste inevitably splash against the window. However, if you have window screens in place, these deflect much of the debris, so your panes stay cleaner longer. You’ll have to wash less frequently and can enjoy better views.
  • Water guard: While screens don’t keep all the water out of your home, they can help deflect some of it. The less water that seeps in, the better off you are. When water makes its way through the windows, it can cause structural damage, mold damage and other issues.
  • Temperature guard: You probably don’t think of screens as insulators, but they actually contribute to the insulation of your windows. They can help regulate the temperature in your home, so it is more energy efficient and comfortable on cold winter nights and hot summer afternoons.
  • Animal guard: Birds, squirrels, dogs, cats and other creatures can pose a hazard to your windows, not to mention the many insects that try to make their way into your home. Screens put a barrier between your panes and these pests, protecting the glass from the dirt and damage that animals can bring to your windows.
  • Debris guard: Consider the many items that could cause damage to your windows. Flying baseballs, branches, stray rocks and more can cause chips, cracks or shattering of your panes. One of the many window screen benefits in Minneapolis, MN is that these items will hit the screen before they hit your window, providing effective insulated glass protection.

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