Choosing the Right Glass Edge for Your Next Bathroom Project

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The right shower door glass in Minneapolis, MN can make a significant impact on the look and feel of your bathroom. Other finishing touches, such as glass edges for mirrors, can also make a big difference.

Which glass features should you choose for your next bathroom project? Use the following tips to select the best options for your mirror and shower finishes.

Know your options

The first step in choosing glass edges for mirrors in Minneapolis, MN is to familiarize yourself with the types of edges available. The following seven are the most common:

  • Pencil polished edge: This is a rounded edge that looks like (you guessed it) a pencil. Because it is rounded, it is good for high-traffic areas, to protect against injury.
  • Pencil satin edge: This is the same shape as pencil polished, but offers a matte or stain sheen rather than a polished surface, which makes it great for light-color surfaces.
  • Flat polished edge: This creates a clean and glossy finish for a simple but refined look. It is usually used for glass that is at least ¼-inch thick.
  • Flat satin: Similar to the pencil edge, this is the same shape but has a flatter appearance.
  • Beveled edge: This edging is thicker at the center, thinning out at the edges. The shape gives a more ornate appearance, for an elegant look.
  • Miter edge: Also known as a slanted edge, the miter edge is used to connect two pieces of glass or to create a unique finish for thicker glass.
  • Seamed edge: To achieve this finish, the glass is sanded to remove the sharp edges. Seamed edges are typically created for safe handling rather than aesthetic effect.

Consider your needs

As you review the various glass finishes for your mirror and shower, consider how you want to use the space. Will this be an elegant powder room for guests or a high-traffic bathroom for your kids? Do you want to create an in-home oasis in the master suite, or do you need durable, functional glass for a family space? Asking yourself these questions will help you determine which finishes make the most sense for your bathroom.

Consult with a professional

With so many options, it might feel overwhelming to choose the best shower door glass in Minneapolis, MN or the right mirror for your bathroom. To ensure you select the optimal style for your space and needs, consult with a glass professional. These experts can review all your options and create a custom solution that perfectly suits your lifestyle.

We are your glass experts

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