Should I Get My Windows Rescreened?

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Your home maintenance to-do list probably doesn’t even contemplate your window screens—until they’re torn or worn out and insects start getting in. Window screens also provide necessary sun shade that helps save on your summertime cooling costs. If your screens are damaged, consider window screen repair or rescreening in Minneapolis, MN. You’ll wonder why you waited so long.

Repair vs. rescreening

You may not need to entirely replace your window screens, depending on the amount of damage and the condition of the frames. Making the choice between whether to repair or rescreen depends on a few key factors.

Repairing is a smart choice if your screens show only minor wear and tear, and you want to extend their lifespan as long as possible. This is also a good option if aesthetic concerns aren’t at the top of your list of priorities and the screens and frames are still in fairly good shape.

Most people are concerned about what a rescreen will look like. That depends almost entirely on the frames’ current condition. When window screens and frames are old, they tend to get faded, cracked and dented from window washing, screen removal and general wear and tear. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to have fresh new screen fabric applied to a frame that’s well beyond its usable lifespan. In many cases, it will look better (and function better) to replace the entire screen and frame.

Cost, of course, is always a major factor. You should consider whether rescreening will save you a significant amount of money, or if taking on the extra expense is worth it to have a better looking and functioning set of window screens. In general, you might only see a savings of 5 to 10 percent if you opt for rescreening. Of course, if your frames are still in great shape and you have a difficult kind of window to screen, such as a fan or triangle shape, it might be smart to opt for rescreening.

Should I DIY or hire a pro?

Once you’ve decided whether to repair, rescreen or replace your window screens, it’s time to consider whether you can DIY or if you’ll need professional repair or installation. In general, unless you’re already a skilled repair technician or contractor, you’re going to get the fastest, easiest and best results by hiring professionals or buying new window screens. Many enthusiastic DIY-ers find themselves making mistakes—and spending more money hiring professionals after the fact to fix those mistakes than they would have if they’d hired someone in the first place.

Window screen repair in Minneapolis, MN

The team at Custom Glass & Screen can repair or replace your worn or torn window screens. Keep the bugs, dirt and debris out of your home by keeping your window screens and screen doors in optimal working condition. We specialize in finding screens for any type of window, even hard-to-find shapes like triangles and arches. Call us today to get started on your window rescreening.

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