Is It Too Cold to Replace My Windows?

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When you’re thinking about window pane replacement in Minneapolis, MN—and it’s not an emergency—you might be wondering when the best time to replace them might be. Maybe you’ve noticed how your home’s windows aren’t keeping the heat in like they used to, and wish you could get results now. Who wants to suffer from drafts and higher energy bills all winter long? Here’s the good news: with a reputable contractor doing the installation, winter is actually a great time to replace your windows.

Why is winter a good time for window replacement?

Window replacement requires two key factors: having quality windows and making sure they’re properly installed. Your windows are designed to let light in while keeping the elements out, but if any moisture is allowed to enter the walls during or after installation, you could have a minor disaster on your hands.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t replace your windows in the winter, however—far from it. In fact, winter weather can actually be an advantage, because moisture and water leaks are far more evident than in the summertime, where the heat keeps everything dry. In that case, you may not notice any installation problems until much later down the line.

Winter has the added bonus of being a slow season for both contractors and glass suppliers. Typically, busy season is during the early spring (March and April) and the early fall (September and October), when homeowners have either spent the winter shivering from inefficient windows, or just after the temperature drops and they start to notice drafts or leaks.

Getting your windows or window panes replaced during the winter offers you better scheduling opportunities, as well as a better chance at finding promotional offers from contractors or suppliers.

There is one drawback to winter window replacement in Minneapolis, MN, however: it can take longer, overall. That’s because a good contractor will work to make sure that your home doesn’t suffer from excessive heat loss, which is best accomplished by working on one window at a time. In the warmer months, contractors can work on multiple windows at the same time. It’s also important to note that some window frames or finishes may need to wait until the warmer months, particularly if they involve smaller vinyl panes or bent aluminum capping and cladding. Many home and business owners find that this is a small price to pay for the increased flexibility and better installation outcomes that are common in winter.

Whichever season you choose, the team at Custom Glass & Screen is on hand and ready to answer your questions.

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