How to Take a Window Out of the Wall

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Whether you’re replacing your windows or just want to gain some more wall space, you might find yourself in the position of removing your windows. Can you do it by yourself? Should you? The good news is that if you’re handy, it’s a relatively simple removal process, which can be completed in a matter of hours—nevertheless, you may still want to leave it to the professionals to ensure the best possible results.

If you’re removing a window in Minneapolis, MN and looking for custom replacement windows, don’t forget to call Custom Glass & Screen. We can ensure that you get replacement windows that fit your space perfectly.

Before you begin

Make sure that you have replacement windows that fit the space exactly, especially if you’re using double-paned windows that utilize insulating gas. Spread out plastic sheeting around the window to catch any broken glass or debris, and make sure you wear work gloves. You may find it easier, especially if removing a large window, to remove the entire frame all at once.

Removing your window

The process of window removal in Minneapolis, MN is slightly different depending on whether you have a wood or metal frame:

  • Wooden frame: To remove the window, you’ll start by removing the old putty surrounding the window. Use a small wood chisel and hammer (and a hair dryer if the putty is sticking to the wood). Once the putty is off, whether by chiseling or scraping, you’ll remove the glazier points (small metal triangles) with pliers, then clean and sand the wood as necessary. Finish off the wood with a coat of linseed oil to prepare it for the next window frame.
  • Metal frame: For a metal frame window, you’ll lift the frame up and take the window out from the bottom track. Set it aside, lying flat. Then you’ll remove and disassemble the frame, which is simply a matter of unscrewing pieces. First, unscrew and remove the fixed panel window frame. Next, remove the screws in the corners of each window, and take the frame apart. If the frame is stubborn, you can try tapping it with a rubber mallet. Finally, making sure to wear protective work gloves, you can remove the glass pieces and discard.

If your windows are in a hard-to-reach area, you want to rebuild an entire wooden frame or you don’t feel confident that you’re up to the task, we recommend hiring contractors to do the heavy lifting. While many homeowners can remove windows in a matter of hours, DIY projects can occasionally lead to damage and costly repairs. It’s generally safer and cheaper to hire someone whose job involves performing window replacement on a regular basis.

Window removal and replacement in Minneapolis, MN

When you need your windows removed or replaced in Minneapolis, MN, call the team at Custom Glass & Screen. We can provide new windows, custom made to your exact specifications. Since 1975, we have provided the Minneapolis area with custom glass consultation, high-quality products and great service. Reach out to learn more!

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