The Types of Glass Used for Windows and Shower Doors

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Unless you work in the glass industry, you may be unaware that there are multiple glass window types in Minneapolis, MN. The glass used for the windows in your home is different from the glass used for your office, and drastically different from your glass shower doors. Keep reading to learn a little more about all of the different types of glass and their functions:

  • Float glass: Let’s start with the most basic glass on the market. Float glass is an inexpensive glass that gets its name from the procedure used to create it. During the process, molten glass is floated on the molten tin, creating a flat glass panel. These panels are used for basic windows, glass panels and doors in homes across the globe.
  • Tempered glass: This glass is heated to above 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit and then quickly cooled to strengthen the glass. Since it’s so strong, tempered glass in Minneapolis, MN is used in situations where the need for resistance to breakage is high. It’s perfect in high-risk areas, like in automobiles and bathrooms.
  • Obscured glass: Along with tempered glass in Minneapolis, MN, your new shower doors could also be obscured to ensure privacy for anyone using the shower. Obscured glass comes frosted, etched, coated or designed to allow light to enter but obscure visibility for any onlookers. It’s also a great option for front doors and bathroom windows.
  • Insulated glass: If you’re looking for energy efficiency, be sure to install windows with insulated glass. These windows have two or three layers, with argon gas sealed between each pane. The gas and multiple panes help keep inside air in and outside air out, ensuring your home or office is as energy efficient as possible.
  • Safety laminated glass: Your car’s windshield uses safety laminated glass that won’t shatter in a collision or when an object flies up and hits the glass. It’s made so strong by fusing two panes of glass around a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB). Since it’s nearly impossible to break, safety laminated glass is also a good option for storefronts or for those who are concerned about break-ins on their property.
  • Tinted glass: Many cars have tinted windows to enhance the appearance of the vehicle and prevent passersby from looking into the car, but tinted glass isn’t just used for automobiles. It’s also a good idea for homes or businesses, as it prevents interior damage from harmful UV rays and reduces energy costs.
  • Wired glass: Hospitals, schools and other big buildings often install wired glass because it’s fire resistant. Wires in the panes support the glass in the framework if it shatters during a fire. Since it’s not very aesthetically pleasing, wired glass is generally an option for commercial properties rather than residential buildings.

At Custom Glass & Screen, we provide a wide range of services for both homes and commercial buildings. Whether you need to install new shower doors at your house or you’d like to learn more about different glass window types in Minneapolis, MN for your business, be sure to call our team!

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