Make Sure to Check for Window Leaks This Winter

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If your home’s windows are leaking, outside air can get inside and your heating and cooling bills will go up. This winter, make sure to check for window frame and window pane leaks in your Minneapolis, MN home. Here’s how to identify leaks, as well as some of the best methods for cleaning window glass.

Checking for air leaks

Cool temperatures are already here, and freezing winter weather is on the way, making now the perfect time to check your windows for air leaks. Sealing up leaks around windows keeps the inside of your home warm, cozy and energy-efficient all winter long:

  • Visual inspection: Thoroughly inspect the interior and exterior sides of your home’s windows. Outside, look for areas where old caulk is missing or failing, represented by gaps between the window frame and the home’s siding. Be aware that old single-pane windows may have damaged glazing. All windows must be sealed tight to keep water and air outside. From inside, look for signs of sunlight infiltration. The weather-stripping around windows may need to be replaced.
  • Smoke test: Some air leaks can be very difficult to see. To be sure you didn’t miss any leaks, close all windows and doors, turn off combustion appliances and turn on bathroom and kitchen exhaust vents. This strategy will create a negative pressure inside your house that pulls outside air inside through cracks. Hold a lit incense stick close to the edges around the windows. The smoke will be drawn inward by outside air coming in through leaky spots.
  • Measure air temperature: You can also use an infrared thermometer to detect air leaks. This is a non-contact thermometer that measures the ambient air temperatures around window frames. Areas where cold outside air is leaking in will alert the thermometer.
  • Schedule an inspection: The quickest way to find leaks is to hire a professional for a thorough inspection and an energy audit. They’ll bring all the necessary tools and equipment to ensure the air leaks in your home are found and sealed.

Window glass maintenance tips and tricks

The start of each new season is a reminder for you to clean your windows:

  • Clean top to bottom: Want streak-free window glass? Clean windows from the top to the bottom. Cleaner can drip, so starting at the top better ensures that no drips get left behind.
  • Cloudy days are best: The less hot sunlight beaming on window glass while you wash them, the better. Sun dries cleaners on glass quickly, leaving streaks and residue. Use a squeegee instead of a cloth and you’ll be able to remove all the cleaning solution.
  • Keep moisture off of frames: Wood window frames are usually painted. If moisture is allowed to sit on wood—whether from window cleaner or condensation buildup—the paint could peel, eventually rotting or warping the frame.

Regular window glass cleaning and window frame maintenance in Minneapolis, MN is important. When you need new windows installed, call Custom Glass & Screen for expert help with choosing the right option!

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