Why Winter Is a Good Time for Window Pane Replacement in Minneapolis, MN

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When the weather turns cold, you know the holidays are coming. Then fall passes and winter arrives. But don’t let the cold, dark days of winter stop you from taking care of home improvements—in fact, certain projects like window replacement may even offer some unique benefits at this time of the year. Here are some reasons why winter is a good time for window pane replacement in Minneapolis, MN.

Easier to discover window problems

It’s not always easy to determine the condition of your home’s windows, but take a quick look at the frames and you might notice problems in the weather-stripping or caulking around the edges. You can replace old seals as long as the window installation itself is still good. Window glass problems, however, can be trickier to diagnose. Cracks in the glass are an obvious sign of damage, but not every crack is something to worry about right away. However, moisture buildup inside the windows is definitely something that needs prompt attention.

In wintertime, window panes are exposed to cold weather, precipitation and other harsh elements. If your windows are old or weakened for any reason, problems are more likely to present in the form of water leaks and air drafts. Big indicators of these types of problems include condensation developing between panes, fog inside the glass and being able to feel cold air coming through the glass.

Find some good deals on replacement windows

Window glass replacement can be expensive—especially when you choose to install high-quality, long-lasting panes. But there is a way you can save some money on new window installation. Just like many homeowners will wait until the warmer months to invest in new air conditioning units, people tend to wait until the warmer weather arrives to schedule window replacement. As a result, prices for materials and installation services may be higher due to the greater demand. Because winter is a less popular time for homeowners to purchase new window panes, many window glass replacement companies tend to offer discounts or sales during the cooler months. Wait until winter to replace your windows, if possible, and you may save a hefty chunk of change.

More available installation appointments

People will swarm the window glass replacement market during the warmer months. While this surge for service keeps window glass replacement companies busy, it could mean slim pickings for customers when it comes to appointment times. Late spring into fall is the busiest time of year for window contractors, while winter is the slowest and comes with a perk: much easier scheduling. A contractor’s wide-open schedule is good news for you!

Immediate comfort and energy savings

The top two reasons homeowners buy new windows are to boost home aesthetics or to create a more comfortable indoor environment. In winter, newer windows are much better at keeping out cold air than older, less efficient ones. New window glass that’s installed properly won’t fog or let drafts in at the seams, meaning you’ll experience immediate results in both comfort and energy savings.

From safety to comfort, good windows offer homeowners a host of benefits. Call Custom Glass & Screen today for more information about window replacement in Minneapolis, MN!

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