Why Sliding Glass Doors in Minneapolis, MN Are the Best Choice for Winter

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Most sliding glass doors installed in residential homes lead to outside patios and yards. They are made up of solid panes of glass surrounded by a frame that sits snugly on a track. A lock is attached to the handle for safety. Sliding glass doors are like windows in that they naturally let in a substantial amount of sunlight. They can be utilized year-round to let in the calming glow of morning and afternoon sunlight. They’re also a great home feature to have during the winter, and we’re prepared to tell you why.

Read on for a look at some of the benefits of having sliding glass doors in Minneapolis, MN during the winter:

  • Beautiful views: Wintertime for most of the United States means cold and wet days, as well as heavy snowstorms. Sometimes going outside is just not advisable, and looking out your sliding glass doors, you can see why. If you have doors you can see through, when bad winter weather keeps you stranded inside your house, at least you still have a view of the outside world, as well as some natural light. Watch snow drop, rain fall and wildlife play whenever you want. The best part? You get to view nature from the comforts of the inside of your warm home.
  • Enhance the home’s interior: There’s no rule saying you have to replace an old door with the exact same one—and you shouldn’t, if your goal is to enhance your home’s interior. As long as the wall is wide enough, you can install double-pane glass doors instead of a solid wood door at the back of your house. A professional glass door technician can help you choose the right door for you and install it properly—the glass panes, frame, track, weather-stripping and all!
  • Customize the look and hardware: The thing about sliding glass doors is that you can have them customized to fit your style and home decor. For example, you can choose from flat or raised grid patterns for the panes, as well as hardware finishes that stand out to you or match your established aesthetic. There’s brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze and more to help you create a highly personalized look that complements your lifestyle. Glass doors can also come with built-in glass treatments like tints and films for additionally comfort and security.
  • Energy efficiency: The key to energy efficiency in the winter for any home is to winterize the right way, such as by replacing inefficient sliding glass doors with new ones. Choose from low-E dual-pane or efficient triple-pane glass to ensure comfort during winter and that your investment lasts a long time. Cold winter air cannot penetrate quality glass doors, but some warmth from the afternoon sun may be allowed in, if you so desire.

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