The Benefits of Having Glass Fireplace Doors

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Do you have an older fireplace that’s in need of a new look? Then glass fireplace doors might be a great option for you. Fireplace glass doors will create a more modern and contemporary look without completely changing the existing fireplace. You can customize the fireplace glass so it fits in with your home’s existing aesthetic.

Of course, they also offer a range of other benefits, including safer fireplace use, better energy efficiency and more. In fact, this feature provides benefits even when you’re not using the fireplace!

Are you interested in learning more about glass fireplace doors in Minneapolis, MN? Read on to find out all the benefits of adding glass fireplace doors to your home:

  • Better energy efficiency: Glass fireplace doors minimize the air escaping the chimney. By adding doors, you’ll save during both the winter and the summer. That’s because the chimney acts like an open window, allowing outdoor air into the home. At the same time, heated or air-conditioned air leaves the home. Also, glass fireplace doors will increase the heat of a fire. By closing the doors while enjoying a fire, you can triple the amount of heat it produces. Note, though, that you will need to keep the doors open with a gas fireplace or a large wood burning fire.
  • A new look: Fireplace glass doors can fit with any home’s style, from traditional to contemporary. That’s because glass is customizable so that you can tailor it to exactly what you’re looking for. It’s easy to find fireplace doors that are perfect for your needs. Even for an unusually shaped fireplace, you can find glass that will be a great fit.
  • Safety: Thousands of homeowners experience property damage every year due to fireplace mishaps. That’s why experts recommend using glass fireplace doors to protect your home, because they cut down on the risk of sparks or flames leaving the fireplace and damaging furniture and flooring. The risk of a fire spreading to the rest of your home is greater than you think.
  • Easier cleanup: Glass doors contain all the parts of the fire, including ash, cinders, wood chips and other debris. That makes cleanup a breeze, as everything is contained inside the fireplace. Plus, you reduce the risk of ashes landing on furniture or other household items and staining it or catching it on fire.

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