Why Do Mirrors Look Foggy or Cloudy After Time?

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When you first buy your new house or replace your mirrors, the glass looks especially shiny and gleaming. Is it the shine of newness that wears away, or is it something more when suddenly you look around and your mirrors just don’t seem as sparkly or clear as they used to? You’re not imagining things if even your best cleaning and glass products in Minneapolis, MN don’t seem to return your mirrors to their former shine. Read on to learn more about why your mirrors in Minneapolis, MN seem to look foggier over time.

The cause of foggy mirrors

If your mirrors look foggier with the passage of time, it’s not necessarily a result of poor maintenance or improper upkeep. Cloudy mirrors result from a buildup of residue that is natural. It can also be a result of damage to the backing of the mirror, which may indicate that it’s time to replace your mirror. You can try to clean your mirrors with some of the methods outlined below, but if these don’t work, you may need to get your mirror replaced.

Cleaning solutions

Most glass products in Minneapolis, MN work well for mirrors, especially for the daily grime and splotches that build up over time from moisture in the air that accumulates when running hot water from the shower, or splashes on the glass from brushing your teeth. To clean simple daily grime, you can try using foam shaving cream. Try spreading the foam shaving cream directly onto the mirror, leaving it for a minute or two, then wiping it away with a clean paper towel.

Another solution for cleaning mirrors in Minneapolis, MN is to pour white vinegar into a spray bottle, then spray directly onto the mirror. You can wipe up the vinegar solution immediately with a clean paper towel to view the results. For tougher grime that won’t come away, try cleaning with a microfiber cloth, which adds a slight abrasion and is better for tougher stains. You can also try a jeweler’s rouge or cleaner for haze that won’t come off using other methods, and then buff with a dry cloth. The process can be labor-intensive and time-consuming, but it can work when nothing else has.

Mirror replacement

If you’ve tried everything and your mirror is still foggy, it’s likely a problem with the backing of the mirror, and it could be damaged beyond repair. This means it’s probably time to invest in mirror replacement. All mirrors will get cloudy and lose reflectiveness over time.

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