When Is It Time to Replace Your Patio Screen Doors?

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Your patio doors can provide a luxurious look into your backyard or garden, transforming your home from an ordinary house into a resort-feeling abode. You may enjoy entertaining guests outside on your patio, or spending a leisurely summer afternoon sipping drinks on your porch. However, if your screen doors in Minneapolis, MN are looking worse for wear, it may impact the entire feel and aesthetic you’re trying to achieve. Here are some signs it may be time to replace your patio screen doors in Minneapolis, MN:

  • Difficulty operating: Your screen door in Minneapolis, MN may wear down over time and become warped, making it difficult to operate. This can make it difficult to open and close the door, as it doesn’t fit exactly as it used to, or as it should. It may also stick, make loud noises while being operated or just take more effort to slide open and closed. A professional glass company may be able to determine what’s causing these operating inefficiencies and fix the problems, which will return your door to its original operating smoothness. If the door itself is bent or warped, the simple fix may be just to replace the screen door with new glass patio doors in Minneapolis, MN without needing to replace the frame.
  • Drafts or heat: Age and warping may create more issues than just difficulty sliding open and closed. If you feel drafts or heat transfer coming from the door or around the frame, it means your screen doors in Minneapolis, MN are not fitting the frame correctly, and your home is susceptible to pest infestation and climate infiltration. An improperly fitting door will affect your energy costs of your home and create an uncomfortable climate. You may be able to stave off the problem with weather stripping, but it’s likely you’ll need to soon replace your door.
  • Outdated design: While not as serious as structural issues, an outdated door design can be an eyesore, which defeats the purpose of the patio door installation completely. When you look at your door and aren’t happy with the design, it affects the mood of your home and family. Maybe the door doesn’t match the style or décor of your home and outdoor living space, in which case an upgraded design could transform the space into one you love again.
  • Water leakage: If your door’s seal is losing effectiveness, you may feel more than drafts or heat transfer. Water can also leak through around the seal, just like it can with your windows. You’ll want to replace a leaky screen door right away. This is especially true if you can see visible gaps around the door, which can lead to water, pests and a lack of climate control.
  • Structural or cosmetic damage: Hailstorms, storm damage or even a rogue baseball can impact your door and cause major structural damage, which is an immediate cause for repair or replacement. Even smaller, surface-level damage like scrapes, chipped paint and scratches might warrant a call to your contractor for a quote on repair costs.

Whether you’re contemplating a new screen door or glass patio doors in Minneapolis, MN, Custom Glass & Screen can provide you with expert and professional craftsmanship that ensures your expectations are met. Call today for a quote!

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