Why Your Windows Are Important for Your Business

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Many small business owners have taken their products or services and created an online-only presence. While this makes sense for a lot of business owners, others are aiming to maintain a brick-and-mortar establishment where they can interact face-to-face with their customers and build a physical image. Another huge benefit of having an actual store is that customers get a chance to really see the quality of your inventory before buying. But what about your plans to draw attention to your store? This is where features like your storefront windows come in.

Sure, you should use your windows and entryway to advertise, but there’s a right way to do this and a wrong way to go about it. Here’s how to keep an inviting and memorable storefront after commercial window installation in Minneapolis, MN:

  • Don’t overdo your window decor: Presenting your store’s image for passersby to see is important, but you should avoid being too loud with your decor. If you want to use window displays in your business windows, make sure you have a solid plan. A cluttered window is more likely to draw negative attention, plus people should be able to at least partially be able to see inside through your front windows. Try a few different display ideas, taking a good hard look at each before making a decision.
  • Display what you sell: Unless your store name clearly identifies the type of merchandise you sell, seriously consider placing some of your most popular items in a window display. Passersby will now be able to tell what your business is about and might take the time to go inside and browse.
  • Aesthetics: What you display in your storefront windows will become a part of the surrounding area. Because this happens, be sure your window glass and what sits behind it is aesthetically pleasing. Neighboring businesses will appreciate your effort and it may help to draw in new customers.
  • Keep windows clean: It won’t matter how beautifully you’ve decorated your storefront window or how organized the products on your shelves are—dirty windows are going to turn off potential customers. Bird droppings, water marks, pollen, fingerprints and dirt on your store’s windows do nothing positive for your business’s image. Be sure to wash the insides and outsides of your windows on a regular basis using a quality glass cleaner and proper cleaning equipment.
  • Maintain windows and repair damaged glass: Along with keeping window glass clean is regular maintenance and making repairs as damage happens. If you are unsure whether a chip or crack is detrimental to the integrity of the window, call a professional about storefront glass repair in Minneapolis, MN. The hope is that the damage can be fixed rather than the entire window needing to be replaced. Good looking, well-maintained windows show the public that you care about your business’s image, and it contributes to the curb appeal of the entire area.

Whether you need windows replaced or repaired, the glass experts at Custom Glass & Screen have you covered. Call us today to schedule a consultation!

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