What Are the Best Times of the Year for Window Replacement in Minneapolis, MN?

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If you need to replace a window (or all of your windows), you might be wondering whether this is a project that’s better to do during a particular time of the year. Some months are too hot, while others are too cold, so which one is just right? Let’s take a look at the best times for window replacement in Minneapolis, MN by season.

No matter the reason you need to replace your windows, the professionals recommend scheduling an in-home consultation as soon as possible. A reputable window replacement company will provide all the information you’ll need to make a smart decision, including your window options, the cost for materials and installation service and the amount of time it will take to install.

Although spring is one of the best times to replace your home’s windows, it is not necessarily the only time. Of course, you do want to take the weather and your personal schedule into account before making a commitment. For instance, window installation during the winter and summer months offers many of the same pros and cons—namely, unpredictable weather causing problems with the installation process. Your window installation professional wants to ensure a quality job, so they want you to know what you are in for during any given season. Ultimately, there are several factors that can influence which season you choose.

Spring or summer

Your chosen window glass company in Minneapolis, MN may say that the ideal time to replace windows is when the weather is warm, but not too warm—so, later spring or early summer. The most obvious benefit here is avoiding letting cold air into your home, even though you could run into hot temperatures during the project. If the weather warms up too quickly, you can simply shut the doors to the room where the windows are being installed to contain most of the heat to the smaller area. Summer thunderstorms are also a concern in some areas of the country.

There are benefits to not scheduling your window replacement project in the spring or summer. For one, you can avoid scheduling conflicts and a lack of installer availability, as the warmer months are when many people want to do home improvement projects like window replacement.

Fall or winter

Installing windows in the colder months of fall or winter may not be your first choice, but there may be some advantages if you do. Winter and most of fall are considered offseason months for window installation. As such, you may find that some companies offer “offseason” deals on their premium products and services. That said, wintertime window installation does have its own set of challenges. It’s cold outside, but you can close the doors to the one room to isolate cold drafts and keep out other elements. Also, professional window installers are familiar with this problem and are usually prepared with temporary walls or other structures to block exposed openings.

The time of year you want to invest in window replacement in Minneapolis, MN is up to you. If it’s convenient for you, it’s convenient for Custom Glass & Screen—call us today to schedule a consultation!

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