Why Should You Replace Your Oven’s Door Glass?

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Cracks in your oven’s door can occur for many reasons. Maybe it’s an older model and the glass finally succumbs to the stress of time? Or, perhaps you accidentally bumped into it with something hefty and caused a hairline crack to form? Whatever the case, you’re staring at a problem that’s only going to get bigger the longer you put it off.

Replacing oven door glass in Minneapolis, MN isn’t particularly expensive or even difficult. Most people put it off because they either can’t even see the crack or because they think it’s purely a cosmetic issue. Regardless of how prevalent it is, a crack in your oven’s door glass is something to get fixed right away. Here’s why.

It’s a Hazard

If you had a glass dish with a huge crack in it, would you feel safe microwaving your Pyrex in Minneapolis, MN? Probably not. Visions of exploding shards isn’t too far from the truth of what could happen when compromised glass is subjected to heat extremes. The same goes for your oven.

Cracked oven glass is exposed to consistent temperatures of 300 to 450 degrees and sometimes even higher, depending on what you’re cooking. As the temperature climbs, the integrity of your glass wanes. Thankfully, oven glass—like your car’s windshield—is designed not to spontaneously shatter! It will crack and could fall out of place if the door slams shut, though. And, when it cracks or spiders, you’ll be left with an unprotected oven interior.

It’ll Disrupt Cooking

Even a minor crack in your oven’s glass is going to compromise the appliance’s internal cooking temperature. This will disrupt your cooking in a variety of ways:

  • It may take much longer for your oven to heat to temperature if heat keeps escaping through the crack in the glass.
  • Your oven may not be able to sustain a consistent temperature if it’s constantly losing heat and having to reheat to a target temperature.
  • Your oven may not be able to reach certain peak temperatures if it’s losing heat through the crack faster than it’s able to heat itself.

All of this equates to major disruptions for your food! Your cupcakes may come out runny, your salmon may not be baked all the way through and your roast may take hours and hours longer just to hit a safe internal temperature! It’s a major headache for anyone who loves cooking.

It’s Inefficient

It’s been well established that your oven is going to be working overtime to keep up with consistent heat loss. Because of this, you’re going to suffer from higher energy bills. Whether you have a gas or electric stove, it’s going to require a whole lot more energy to make your meals.

Think about the irony of putting off replacing your oven door glass in Minneapolis, MN for a couple hundred dollars, then spending that much extra on wasted energy costs and failed baking experiments! The smart thing is to take heed of cracked oven glass right away and make the smart choice to get it replaced. Your safety and your dinner depend on it!

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