Top Five Glass Shower Door Designs—and How Custom Glass Can Do Even More!

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On a stressful day, a piping-hot shower full of steam can feel like the equivalent of a luxurious vacation on a sunny island beach. On a normal day, your shower is the place you refresh and recharge for the day. No matter what kind of day you’re having, a hidden luxury is coming home to a beautifully designed, elegant shower.

Unfortunately, not all showers live up to these luxurious standards. Clunky frames or gross shower curtains can get in the way of all your relaxing. If you’re sick of your shower, it may be time to try something new. Installing brand-new glass shower doors in Minneapolis, MN can not only transform your space, but transform your mood, as well.

If you’re in the mood for a change, check out these top five glass shower door designs and give the team at Custom Glass & Screen a call to get started on your new home improvement project.

Frameless shower enclosures

Frames around your glass shower doors can feel large, tacky and trapping if your bathroom space is limited or the frame is getting old and worn-out. Switching to a frameless shower door and enclosure has the potential to open up your space, letting light filter through the room freely and make your bathroom seem larger than it is.

Plus, frameless enclosures are easier to clean since there is no corroding metal to scrub, and they create a classy, modern style with minimal effort.

Plain glass door with colorful tile

Whether you opt to have a frame on your door or a frameless enclosure, there can be beauty in selecting a plain, smooth door for your shower. A simple, clear piece of glass pairs extremely well with vibrant tile, either patterned or solid in color. The door provides the clean canvas for the interior of your shower to shine, while still letting light through and opening up your space.

Textured glass shower doors

Textured glass shower doors are a great option if you’d like to introduce more privacy into your bathroom without sacrificing the light glass lets in. Textured glass is often rolled with a stamp while hot to create an interesting pattern that looks and feels unique. The texture helps obscure people inside and outside of the shower without closing the shower off from light sources.

Etched or patterned shower doors

If a fully textured shower door isn’t your style, you could also opt for a slightly less patterned door by having it etched or sandblasted with a pattern or design. Simple flowers, swirls, lines and other designs can transform a plain door into an elegant piece of art hanging on your shower.

Etched or patterned glass shower doors also provide some privacy, although not as much as a fully textured door.

Curved glass shower doors

Sometimes, flat doors just don’t work in your bathroom. If you have a curved shower or are looking for a new way to optimize the space inside your shower, consider a curved sliding glass door. Curved glass still has all the same benefits of elegance, modern style and light filtration, but allows for a little extra room inside the shower and prevents a space takeover by using a sliding door instead of a swinging one.

Of course, no two showers are the same. Your ideal shower door solution might not come pre-packaged as a door, requiring you to go for custom glass, instead. Custom glass gives you greater flexibility and can allow you to obtain your ultimate shower door designs with ease. Call Custom Glass & Screen to learn more about our selection of glass shower doors in Minneapolis, MN and to see how our custom glass solutions can help you!

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