Different Types of Glass and the Benefits of Each

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When beginning a new building or home project that requires glass, choosing the right kind can be difficult. Glass is everywhere—from the windows and doors in our homes, to the mirrors above our bathroom vanities, to the windshields of our cars, to small pieces in everyday objects. Many people look at glass and think it’s all the same, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

There is a vast number of glass types, each with its own distinct set of uses and benefits. When searching for a piece of custom glass in Minneapolis, MN, it’s important to understand what type of glass you might need so your glass-cutting professionals can deliver a product that meets your exact requirements.

Here is a brief overview of the different types of glass available on the market and their benefits.

Window glass

The flat glass used in most home windows comes in two main varieties: plate and float glass.

Plate glass is a type of glass that is commonly found in older homes. This type of glass is made by polishing and grinding glass to create wonderful visual clarity.

However, most new windows are made from float glass. Float glass is produced by floating molten glass atop a bath of molten tin to create an ultra-smooth surface. It provides impeccable clarity and can be made in a wide array of shapes, sizes and thicknesses.

Insulated glass may also be a part of your household’s window system. Insulated glass might be treated with an insulating coating and is usually used with two or more panes of glass situated in a frame to trap air between them. This system helps reduce energy costs in your home.

Safety glass

Safety glass refers to glass types that have been reinforced in some way so they don’t cause bodily injury if the glass is broken. Usually, safety glass doesn’t splinter into shards, which is why it’s used in hazardous building locations and in automobiles.

One common kind of safety glass is tempered glass. To create it, glassmakers treat the glass with heat and rapidly cool it so it is stronger than normal glass. It is known for its extreme durability and is great for bathrooms and kitchens because of its ability to withstand higher temperatures.

Another type of safety glass is laminated glass. Laminated glass uses two or more sheets of glass with a thin layer of plastic in between. This type of glass is much harder to break than traditional flat glass and tends to shatter less, making it ideal for storefronts and other building areas. It’s also more energy-efficient and sound insulating.

Decorative glass

Plain glass can be altered in texture and appearance to create an interesting, eye-catching piece of decoration. Decorative glass is one of the most requested types of custom glass we see in Minneapolis, MN.

Frosted or patterned glass is glass that has been rolled or sandblasted to create a blurred pattern or texture. This texture provides privacy while still allowing light to pass through, so it’s great for decorative purposes, such as on shower doors.

Glass can also be tinted to create a colored glass or privacy-enhancing tinted glass. This glass is ideal to protect against UV rays and to reduce visibility from the outside while still enjoying light filtration and transparency inside.

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