Want to Save Money on Your Custom Glass Project? Then Bring Your Own Glass!

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Do you like saving money? We thought you might! Unlike other businesses that offer custom cut glass in Minneapolis, MN, our team at Custom Glass & Screen likes to help our customer save money whenever possible. Why? Because we know that lasting relationships with our customers is more valuable than making an easy dollar. That’s why we wanted to bring you one more tip today on how you can save money on your next custom glass project: simply bring your own glass!

That’s right—while we can offer a “guesstimate” sight unseen, it can be difficult to accurately determine the cost of a custom glass project without seeing it first. That’s why bringing in your own glass makes everything simpler and more efficient. When you bring in your own glass, we can quickly assess the damage or your replacement or replication needs on site and let you know more accurately the cost of the project. It’s simply the easiest way to ensure accuracy, save time and save money! Here are a few cases where bringing in your own glass is your best option.


If you need a piece of custom glass repaired, bring it right in to our shop. Many times, there’s no need to buy new glass, but it’s hard to determine if a repair or replacement is needed sight unseen. When you bring damaged glass directly to our shop, we can determine if it needs to be repaired or replaced and offer you a more accurate estimate. If the damage is minor, we may even be able to make repairs right away!


Okay, so not all glass can be repaired. Sometimes you may need to have a pane replaced. In these cases, it’s still better to bring the glass in to us directly. Again, this process is more efficient, saving both time and money. We can ensure we assess the damage accurately the first time and determine the tools and materials necessary to make the replacement. All in all, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.


Some of our favorite projects are custom glass replications or custom cut glass in Minneapolis, MN. We love being able to replicate what a previous glass artist designed. However, these are often the most difficult projects to “guesstimate.” Bringing your custom glass in for replication will allow us to discuss with you your options and even offer some suggestions to make the replica the best it possibly can be.

Our customers love when we can save them time and money on a project, which is why we love doing it. As a locally owned business with over 40 years of experience, we know that our success depends on the relationships we build with our customers. So for your next custom glass project or repair, let us save you a little money and make things easier on you. Bring your own glass in to our shop today and let us show you what we can do and what we can help you save!

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