DIY Glass Shelving: If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It

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From the simple to the elaborate, there’s something truly beautiful and classically artistic about glass. Add in its functionality, and glass makes the perfect purposeful and beautiful décor for any room in your home.

One excellent way to use glass in your home is by installing glass shelving. But you don’t want to pick up just any glass shelves from a local home decorating store. Why not dream up your own custom glass shelves and then bring those dream plans to us, your local source for custom glass shelves in Minneapolis, MN?

At Custom Glass & Screen, we’ve had over 40 years in the business of turning dreams into reality when it comes to custom glass shelving, tabletops, mirrors and more. So, if you are thinking that glass shelves would really add that unique but functional touch to your home, let us help you create them. Here are a few examples of when and where custom glass shelves would be the perfect option for you.


One of the most common requests we receive for custom glass shelves in Minneapolis, MN is for bathroom shelving. People never seem to have enough room for all their body and hair products in the shower, but they don’t want to settle for a one-size-fits-all shelf from a local home goods store, either. That’s where we can help. We create custom glass shelving for your shower that will fit perfectly and match the style of your shower and bathroom.


Do you know that corners are often some of the most wasted spaces in a home? It’s true! But with custom corner shelving, you can make the most out of these often-overlooked spaces. Bring your ideas for a custom corner shelf to us, and we’ll help you turn those ideas into a reality and help you get more storage and display space in your home.


Floating shelves are one of the hottest trends in interior design. Floating shelves provide storage space and an excellent way to display some of your favorite things, and the shelves are wall art in themselves. No matter where you’re looking to install floating shelves, from the kitchen to the bathroom, our team can help you design custom shelving that will surpass your expectations.


If you are looking to add a special touch to traditional shelving, we can help with that, too. Whether you are looking to replace wooden panels on an existing shelf or have a vision for a brand new custom design, there’s nothing we can’t help you create.

Don’t settle for cookie-cutter pattern shelves from the store. Break free from the mold and let your creativity and unique taste shine through by coming up with your own vision. If you can dream it, we can be a part of that dream and help create the perfect custom glass shelves in Minneapolis, MN. Simply call Custom Glass & Screen today to learn more about what we can do for you—we look forward to working with you!

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