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There may come a time when you need to replace functional glass—like windows, doors, shower doors and bathroom mirrors—or glass accents or decor. Most of these glass items add to the aesthetics and visual style of your home, while others are functional to protect the inside of your house. Are you looking to replicate your custom cut glass in Minneapolis, MN? Whether you need a new glass tabletop, shelf, window, mirror or another type of glass surface, be sure to hire a glass company with the right qualities to reproduce your glass.

Stellar reputation

An excellent reputation in your community is one of the top qualities you want in your glass provider. There are a few ways to find out a company’s reputation, including by going online and asking family, friends and acquaintances for recommendations, providing they had a good experience with the company. If you go on the internet and check out customer review sites, you can read firsthand accounts from past clients regarding their experiences with a company. Visit company websites to read customer testimonials, then request references from the business. Ultimately, you need to know that the contractor has a stellar reputation before hiring them to replicate your custom glass.

Variety of detail options

When you go to a nice sit-down restaurant, do you want limited meal options or a variety of dishes to choose from? Probably the latter. You should want the same thing from the company you hire for your custom glass project. They should offer a range of choices and be able to accommodate the glass application’s size, shape, texture and colors you are looking for. This will not be a problem for the right glass company. To make doubly sure you’re making the best choice, select a company with an on-site product showroom so you can see the quality of their work firsthand.

Quality materials

To provide customers with quality results, a glass company has to use quality materials. Ask them about the inventory of glass types they have on hand and ready to be cut for your project, as well as glass that’s factory-made, to ensure you get the exact glass product you need. Popular materials carried by Custom Glass & Screen include window glass, picture glass, laminated safety glass, patterned and frosted glass, Pyrex and ceramic fireplace and stove glass, and more.

Skills and experience

Hiring a company that has extensive experience with your type of glass project is your best bet. Their expertise in the type of custom work you need is a crucial element in ensuring you get an exact replica of your desired glass. Whether it’s a custom mirror, display cabinet glass, textured furniture doors or a custom tabletop, having the right skills for the job means having the ability to live up to your expectations.

Bring your own glass to Custom Glass & Screen, where we can replicate anything you bring in to us. Big or small, we can custom cut glass in Minneapolis, MN for any size glass project. There’s nothing we cannot recreate for you, so call us today!

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