Why You Should Purchase Local Custom Glass in Minneapolis, MN

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For homeowners and business owners, making the choice to install a new piece of custom glass in their space can be overwhelming. Custom glass can completely transform your space, adding decorative accents and protective finishes to doors, tables, windows, cabinets and more, but once you decide which project you want done, who do you go to?

For specialty or custom-cut glass, you’ll be faced with a few options. You could order glass online or visit a local custom glass company to purchase the right glass for your project. As experts in custom glass in Minneapolis, MN, we typically recommend people work with a local glass company for a number of important reasons.

Avoid the temptation to order online

In the current digital age, consumers have become accustomed to ordering a large percentage of their products online. Online suppliers may boast of their low prices, fast shipping times and quality products, but we find that many consumers who order online are left disappointed when they receive their custom glass.

Instead of finding yourself stuck with a low-quality or incorrect product, visit a local custom glass company like Custom Glass & Screen and speak with experts who will understand your project and needs. Here are some benefits of working with a local custom glass company in person:

  • Get it done right the first time: When you order custom glass online, you run the risk of receiving a product that does not work at all for your project. Specifying dimensions, specialty requirements and other customizations can be difficult to do online, meaning you might end up with glass in the wrong size and shape. This requires you to order an entirely new piece of custom glass to replace the incorrect one, which can be both frustrating and expensive.
  • No additional steps required: Sometimes, customers order a piece of glass online, but realize when it arrives that a few more steps must be taken to fit it just right into their door frame, window or other project. When this happens, you’ll have to take the custom glass to a local company to have it trimmed to the perfect size, costing you more than it would have if you had hired the local company from the beginning! Save yourself the additional steps and purchase locally right away.
  • Educational experiences: Online ordering systems are lacking in personal connections; virtual messaging programs are complicated to use to explain projects, and phone calls can also prove difficult. When you work with a local company, you’ll be getting a face-to-face conversation where you can have questions answered and learn more about the custom glass cutting and installation process.

When you have a project that requires custom glass in Minneapolis, MN, resist the temptation to order glass online and visit your local custom glass company, Custom Glass & Screen. With over 40 years of experience repairing custom and insulated glass for windows, doors, shelving, showers, mirrors, fireplaces and more for residential and commercial clients, you can be sure your project is in good hands. Call today!

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