Signs You Should Replace Your Fireplace Glass Before It’s Too Late

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With the freezing temperatures making the outdoors of Minnesota a freezing cold tundra, many homeowners look forward to returning home and stoking a fire in their fireplace to relax and warm up. Fireplaces are a central part of many living rooms and dens and can serve both functional and decorative purposes.

One of the most crucial parts of your fireplace is the glass door that protects your property from the fire blazing inside. Without glass doors on your fireplace, a fire might easily spread into your home. However, these doors aren’t made to last forever. You’ll need to replace them over time to ensure the safety and function of your fireplace.

How to tell if your fireplace glass should be replaced

It’s a good idea to inspect your fireplace doors regularly to identify signs of needing replacement. Preventative replacement is a better alternative to waiting until the glass breaks and rushing to find replacement doors while your fireplace is non-functional. Finding replacement doors can take time, especially if you require custom glass in Minneapolis, MN.

Here are some things to look for to know if you should replace your fireplace glass:

  • Cracks: Cracks in your glass fireplace doors are a telltale sign that they need to be replaced. Cracks severely weaken fireplace doors and are often one bump away from shattering completely.
  • Scratches: Even if your glass is free of large, noticeable cracks, something as simple as a minor scratch can indicate the need for replacement. Most fireplace doors are made of tempered glass, which can be weakened by even the smallest scratch. One scratch can quickly lead to spiderweb cracks or a completely broken door, especially in homes with children or pets, where accidents are more common.
  • Old age: Fireplace glass isn’t built to last forever. Although this glass is made to withstand high temperatures from your fireplace, long-term exposure to heat will weaken the glass over time. If you can’t remember the last time you replaced your fireplace glass or know the doors are very old, you should consider replacing them before they ultimately fail and shatter.
  • Soot buildup or discoloration: Over time, soot will build up and discolor your fireplace glass. While regular cleaning can help maintain a clean look, the continual exposure can cause irreversible discoloration, making it difficult to see the flame and causing your glass to look dirty. New glass doors will make your fireplace look as good as new.
  • Outdated look: Even if your fireplace glass is in good condition, you may be unhappy with how the glass makes your fireplace look as a whole. If your fireplace doors have an outdated style that doesn’t match the interior of your home, consider calling in an expert for custom glass in Minneapolis, MN. They can create new glass doors that will provide a whole new aesthetic to your fireplace.

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