Have Your Glass Fireplace Doors Replaced Before Winter!

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Winter is right around the corner, and we Minnesotans know that winter in the Midwest can get freezing. When winter storms rage outside, one of the best feelings is curling up under a blanket and enjoying the gentle roar and warmth from a fireplace. Now is the time when most residents will begin stocking wood for their fireplaces and starting to turn them on.

One of the most important safety features of your fireplace is the glass door that separates the fire from your family, possessions and home. These glass doors are extremely important, but they don’t last forever. Fireplace doors can easily get cracked or even shatter, requiring replacement before you can start using the fireplace again. In the event of a broken fireplace door, you’ll want to contact an expert for custom cut glass in Minneapolis, MN and have it replaced as soon as possible so you can use your fireplace all winter long.

Why glass fireplace doors break

Continual heat from your fireplace can put stress on the glass doors of your fireplace, especially if the doors are not made from high-quality glass. The stress of high levels of heat over time can age and weaken the glass, even when it is made to withstand higher temperatures.

Older glass doors have a much higher tendency to crack or shatter, leaving your fireplace useless and causing a major safety concern in the process. Additionally, these glass doors are easily weakened. A simple scratch can weaken the door significantly, meaning an accident like a slip or poorly aimed throw of a toy can result in shattered glass within your home.

If your fireplace doors are scratched, cracked or completely broken right now, you’ll want to get them replaced before the winter season starts so you can use your fireplace to its full potential! You also may want to assess the age and look of your glass doors and replace them if they are too old or look too weathered or dirty from soot.

Types of fireplace glass

There are a few different types of fireplace glass that can be used to replace your glass doors, including tempered, Pyrex and ceramic glass. In some cases, glass doors can be custom cut to fit in your fireplace. However, tempered glass, which is the most common for fireplace doors, cannot be custom cut and is instead manufactured to size.

If you have a more uniquely sized or shaped fireplace, or you want to explore different options for your glass fireplace doors, contact a professional for custom cut glass in Minneapolis, MN to get a better idea of which glass will work best for you. Ultimately, you’ll want to choose a glass type that will be the most durable and reliable in your fireplace for years to come.

If you need custom cut glass in Minneapolis, MN to fit your fireplace doors, call Custom Glass & Screen! We’ve been the local experts in professional glass and screen replacement and repair services for residential and commercial clients for over 40 years. We also specialize in custom glass services, so you can get a beautifully crafted piece of glass to complete any project you desire. Call us today for more information!

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