Now Is the Time to Replace Your Fireplace Doors!

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You may not think about them all that often, especially during the warmer months, but your fireplace doors will have to be replaced at some point along the way. Cracks and glass that’s too dirty to see through are the two most common reasons for fireplace glass door replacement in Minneapolis, MN—and we’ve noticed that this is the time of year when most folks give us a call to replace their doors. Keep reading to learn more about replacement and why we should be your go-to shop to replace all doors, especially those for your fireplace.

Why replace your doors?

As touched on above, fireplace doors don’t last forever. They can crack from overuse, and the soot from your fireplace can render them unattractive over a long period of time. If they’ve cracked, replacement is your only option. Repairing a cracked fireplace door is impossible, even for the best repairmen. If your doors aren’t cracked, though, you still may want to think about calling us to replace them. Cleaning and scrubbing the inside of your doors can only do so much. After a while, it may be time to throw in the towel and just install brand new, crystal clear doors.

Why replace your doors now?

We’ve had a few nice months of warm temperatures, but that’s all about to change. This is the time of year when we trade shorts for jackets, and start turning off the AC and turning on the heat. It’s also the time to start stocking up on firewood to keep your home comfortable and cozy throughout the winter. But what good is using your fireplace if you can’t close the doors to see the flames? If your doors are useless, now is the time to give us a call. Our schedule is still fairly open for fireplace door replacement, so we’ll be able to replace them before you need to start using your fireplace this winter.

Choose the right doors!

The final thing to remember about replacing your fireplace doors is to choose the right ones, in terms of both size and style. The last thing you want is to order the wrong sized doors. Whether the doors you order are too big or too small, the wrong sized doors will only lead to a headache for you and everyone who’s looking forward to using the fireplace this winter. You’ll also want to consider the style for your replacement doors. You can choose to go with the standard glass you have now, or you can upgrade and choose custom glass. Give us a call today to speak with one of our friendly team members about ordering the right sized glass, and ask about customizing the doors to give your fireplace a unique look.

Whether they’re cracked, too dirty to see the flame or you think it’s time for a new look, give Custom Glass & Screen a call for fireplace glass door replacement in Minneapolis, MN. We’ll happily come to your home to check out your doors and recommend the perfect new doors for your fireplace.

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