Custom Cut Glass in Minneapolis, MN—You Want It, We Can Do It!

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From windows to doors in our homes and in our cars, glass is all around us. Most of us see glass so often that we don’t even pay attention to it—that is, until we see a piece of glass that really sticks out at us. Stained glass is a good example of that, but so is custom cut glass in Minneapolis, MN. Installing custom cut glass instead of a traditional material or standard piece is all the rage these days. This is due in part to its pleasing aesthetic, but also because custom cut glass can be more functional than a traditional material. Keep reading to learn more about custom cut glass and how it can help improve your life:

  • Windows: Glass has been the go-to window material for centuries. Back before it was mass-produced, having glass windows was a sign that you were wealthy and sophisticated. Nowadays, glass windows are the standard, and for this reason a lot of windows all look the same. They’re usually either square or rectangular, and overall, they’re often just boring to look at! You can make your house stand out from the crowd by installing custom cut glass windows. Even just one custom window can serve as the focal point for your home, and provide that “wow factor” that we’re all looking for.
  • Doors: Glass doors have become increasingly popular over the last few decades. Like custom cut windows, a glass door can make your home look stylish and give guests something to talk about upon entering your home. If you’re thinking about using glass instead of wood for a new door, consider switching it up and using custom cut glass. We can design a custom glass door for you that stands out and makes your home the talk of the neighborhood.
  • Shower doors: Homeowners across the nation have also turned to using glass for their shower doors. Not only does it look better, but glass doors are also easier to clean than a regular shower curtain. However, not all showers are the same size, so it’s often necessary to turn to custom cut glass for a new door instead of going with a stock version. Give us a call to learn about all the advantages of glass shower doors and how we can cut a piece that’s perfect for you and your bathroom.
  • Commercial glass: Any small business owner knows that it can be hard to attract customers to your store. There are so many competitors out there that making your storefront stand out amongst all the others is nearly impossible. One way many shopkeepers are attracting passersby is by using custom cut glass in the front of their store. A big glass window can draw the eye and make anyone going past your shop want to stop and take a look to see what’s inside.

Whether you operate a small business and you’re trying to attract customers, or if you’re a homeowner looking to boost the look of your house, custom cut glass in Minneapolis, MN is perfect for you. Give Custom Glass & Screen a call today to find out more, and to learn about all of our services!

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