Why You Should Invest in Custom Mirrors in Minneapolis, MN

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When it comes to transformative décor that doesn’t break the bank, mirrors are the champions. Mirrors can brighten up a space and add a unique stylistic choice to your walls. Mirrors add illumination to a space because they reflect natural light, and they can really create the illusion of space in a smaller room. By choosing custom mirrors in Minneapolis, MN, you can add a mirror to your home or business that is perfectly curated to your specific style, your preferences and the constraints of your space.

Using custom mirrors in your space

When it comes to maximizing the decorative effect that mirrors have in a room, the key is proper placement. One of the benefits of choosing custom mirrors is that you can determine exactly what you want for your space and then have the mirror made to fit your precise specifications. When you are considering where your mirror should go, think about aesthetics as well as functionality. If you’re unhappy with the amount of light in your living space, for example, placing a mirror on a wall opposite a window can reflect natural light and illuminate the space.

It’s good to remember that mirrors have a very important purpose beyond just acting as decoration. Think about where people would get the most use out of a custom mirror. The bathroom, for example, is a great place for a custom mirror installation. Bathroom mirrors can fall into disrepair relatively quickly, so updating that room with something new and beautiful can be a welcome change. Large custom mirrors can be placed behind a bathroom vanity or alongside a wall to be used while getting ready for the day. You could also add a mirror to your entryway so that people can catch a last glance at their appearance before they head out the door.

The most important thing to keep in mind if you’re considering installing custom mirrors in Minneapolis, MN is your vision for your space. The wonderful thing about selecting custom mirrors is that you get to decide how you would like them to be designed and where you would like them to go. The mirrors in your home or business should be a reflection of your style and the feeling that you want your space to communicate. Regardless of your aptitude for interior design, you can work with a professional custom glass contractor to create something amazing.

Find custom mirrors in Minneapolis, MN

At Custom Glass & Screen, we can help you achieve your vision for custom mirrors in Minneapolis, MN. Since 1975, our family-owned company has been providing custom glass products, installation and repair services to customers in and around Minneapolis. We specialize in creating, installing and repairing beautiful custom glass pieces for mirrors, storefronts, showers, windows, shelving, doors, tabletops, fireplaces and more. No matter what you are envisioning for your home or business, we are here to help make your design dreams a reality. You can contact us by phone or email, or stop by and see us in person for more information and assistance!

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