Seven Ways Custom Glass Installation Can Change the Look of Your Home or Business

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Defining your space is important, whether you are a homeowner or are operating a business. Determining how to make your area truly yours can be a challenging task, though. Thankfully, the installation of custom glass in Minneapolis, MN can easily help you shape the identity of your home or office!

Custom glass installation is easier to obtain than you may think. Whether you are looking to have a single accent pane installed in your home or are hoping to have your business completely outfitted with new panes, custom glass can be a way to easily enhance the elegance of your living or office space.

Here are just some of the ways that the installation of custom glass in Minneapolis, MN can be used to enhance the atmosphere of your space:

  • Custom glass windows: For many homes and offices alike, windows can be the defining attribute of a space. You can make your windows match your aesthetic desires with a custom glass installation.
  • Showers: There are few rooms of the house as intimate as the bathroom. You can bring your sense of style into the bathroom by investing in custom shower glass. There is a myriad of ways in which you can customize your shower space.
  • Partitions: Glass partitions are idea for a wide range of uses. Whether you are hoping to erect a sound barrier in your office space or are looking to create a dividing line between your dining room and kitchen, partitions can be extremely decorative and serve both aesthetic and utilitarian purposes.
  • Frameless glass doors: Nothing communicates understated modern elegance quite like a frameless glass door. They’re perfect for wowing your dinner guests or showing off a classy professionalism to prospective business partners and clients. Custom glass installation can bring frameless glass doors to a wide variety of structures.
  • Tables: For many homes and offices, the table is the centerpiece of any room. Tables can say a lot about the homeowner or the business operator. Investing in a custom glass tabletop can be the perfect way to impress a statement on your guests. A custom table can also be an easy way to take your custom glass with you if you move homes or offices.
  • Mirrors: Mirrors serve to open up your space and bring in additional light. If you are working with a smaller area, you can significantly enhance how your space is perceived by installing a mirror. Custom glass installation experts can select a mirror that is perfectly suited for your area.
  • Signs: Invite your guests into your home or place of business with the sleek, elegant veneer of a professionally made custom glass sign. With a little illumination, you can make a custom glass sign that truly pops.

Since 1975, Custom Glass & Screen has specialized in the installation of high-quality custom glass in Minneapolis, MN. To learn more about how we can help you define and accentuate your space’s style, contact one of our helpful design professionals today!

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