Preparing Your Home for Window Replacement in Minneapolis, MN

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Summer is finally here! After a long, cold winter, the days are quickly growing longer as the weather is becoming warmer. Why not celebrate the change in season with window replacement in Minneapolis, MN? Over time, your windows can become broken and foggy due to daily usage. This can prevent you from truly being able to enjoy the beautiful weather outside of your window. Your view of the outside world and the day ahead of you can be noticeably changed if your windows are cloudy and the seals are broken. New glass windows will allow the natural light to come inside, while also keeping the elements out and increasing the overall security of your home.

The first step to installing your new windows is to take measurements of the window so you can be prepared to order the perfect size. After that, you can begin obtaining price estimates for window replacement in Minneapolis, MN.

Measuring to find the correct size for your window openings

Carefully follow these instructions to get the most accurate measurements of your windows:

  • Measure the height: Measure from the surface closest to the inside of the window to the highest point of the opening. Take three separate measurements to determine the overall height—one at the left side, one at the center and the final one at the side of the window. Then, take the smallest of these three measurements to determine the height of the window opening.
  • Measure the width: Find the top, middle and bottom points of the window openings. Measure between these three points. Make sure you measure from the actual surface of the jambs, as opposed to the parting beads, trim strip or the curtain rod on your old opening. Note the smallest of the measurements to determine the actual width you will need when ordering your new windows.
  • Measure the depth: When measuring for depth, ignore any parts that will be removed when installing your replacement windows, including the parting strips and pulleys. Next, use your tape measure to determine the opening depth between the inner window trim and the outside blind stop strip. This will be your final measurement used for ordering.

Cost factors

Replacing a window typically costs approximately $200 to $700, depending on the size of the window opening. Expect to pay upwards of a few thousand dollars to replace all the windows throughout your home. While the initial financial investment might seem a bit daunting, it’s a worthwhile use of your money, as replacing your windows can drastically improve the overall appearance, security and lighting of your home.

Window replacement in Minneapolis, MN has never been easier thanks to the help of the experts at Custom Glass & Screen. We provide high-quality window solutions for your home. We’ll help you select the best glass windows and doors for your household’s needs. Our highly trained staff can help you with anything you need, so stop by today or give us a call to get started!

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