Five Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Window Screens

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As a homeowner, you know that screens play an important role when it comes to your windows. Your window screens cover the openings of your windows to keep leaves, debris, insects and other animals from entering your home as you enjoy the outside weather. Unfortunately, replacing your window screens is one of those home improvement tasks that tends to be neglected until you have no choice but to replace them. Knowing when it’s time for screen or window replacement in Minneapolis, MN can help you enjoy your windows again.

Here are five signs it’s time to replace your window screens:

  • Difficult to open and close windows: There’s nothing like a cool summer breeze coming in through an open window. But a broken screen can make enjoying the outside air more difficult. Trouble opening and closing your windows is one of the most obvious signs your screen is in need of replacement. This problem can be caused by a warped or damaged window screen. Replacing the screen will likely fix the issue so you can relish in the outside weather once again.
  • Visible signs of damage: Visible signs of damage should be an immediate sign that your old screens need to be traded in for something new, as the old ones can no longer properly do its job. Not only are they ugly to look at, but they also make your home more susceptible to burglars. Replacing the damaged screens will easily improve the overall appearance of your home. No need to worry about your pets ruining the new screens, though, as most replacement companies offer a durable screen that is resistant to the biting and scratching of your dog or cat.
  • Screens look shiny: Window screens have a lifespan just like every other appliance in your home. The lifespan of window screens is often rather short, as they are constantly exposed to a variety of elements, including the harsh rays of the sun and powerful winds. Once the mesh of the screen begins to look shiny, it’s best to start consulting a specialist in screen and window replacement in Minneapolis, MN.
  • Increase in outside noises: High quality window screens work to keep bugs out, but also to limit the amount of outside noises that can be heard inside of your home. An increase in the amount of noise you are hearing from your next-door neighbors likely means it’s time for new screens.
  • Higher monthly energy bills: Your window screens are your first line of defense against the hot sun. During the warm summer months, dense window screens can be used to reduce the sunlight coming into your home, in addition to cutting down the heat gain. This helps keep cooling costs low while also minimizing the sun damage to your furniture and floors. An increase in your monthly energy bill could mean your screens have been compromised and are no longer able to do their part in protecting your home from the sun’s harsh rays.

At Custom Glass & Screen, we can repair and replace your torn window screens so you’ll never have to worry. Contact us today to learn more about screen or window replacement in Minneapolis, MN.

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