Five Options for Custom Glass in Minneapolis, MN

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The nice thing about custom glass in Minneapolis, MN is the large number of options available. Customers are pleasantly surprised how easy it is to have a unique design for windows, shower enclosures, doors and office partitions. If your home has odd-shaped windows or you simply want something different, Custom Glass & Screen is here to help you. This is what we can do for you when you come to us for custom glass:

  • Clear glass: Sometimes, the simple option is the best one. Clear glass is easy on budgets and works for most applications. It is what you see in most homes and businesses. You can choose single, double or even triple-paned glass depending on your energy efficiency needs. We recommend double-paned insulated glass so you can experience better moisture and temperature control.
  • Low-e: If your home or office attracts intense sunlight, you need to consider glass that protects your interior from UV rays. This is especially true if you keep antiques inside or invest in bright-colored furniture or rugs. The sun can fade these treasures and dull your decorating. Low-e windows control UV rays so you do not have to block out light with black-out curtains and other less appealing approaches. These windows come slightly tinted, too, so you will also enjoy reduced glare and better privacy.
  • Custom colors: Custom glass also comes in colors. Bronze and gray are common requests, but you can even choose pastels and other colors that may not be frequently requested. We can tint glass for privacy whether you choose clear or the low-e option. Requests for color often arise with interior glass, since businesses want to create a welcoming environment with unique design. Do not be afraid to inquire about colored glass—we likely have an idea for you!
  • Textures: You can add texture to glass to give it a new appeal. We offer tempered, frosted, etched and patterned glass for windows, doors and indoor glass. If you are purchasing glass for a business, we can add your business name or logo to it. For shower enclosures, we can design unique textures that support privacy while also allowing light to filter in. Texture adds a whole new design element that makes you look at glass differently.
  • Safety glass: When you need glass that cannot shatter, choose safety glass. This is especially essential for shower doors, because one bad slip could lead to stitches otherwise. Retail businesses also prefer safety glass, since vandalism and attempted robbery often result in shattered windows. If the glass does not shatter, that can be a crime deterrent. Other places where you may desire safety glass include offices with glass partitions because sometimes, accidents happen and the last thing you want is lacerated employees and glass shards.

For these options and many more for custom glass in Minneapolis, MN, call Custom Glass & Screen. We replace glass in residential windows, commercial doors, storefronts and even shower enclosures. Call us today to start your customized project.

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