When You Need Window Replacement in Minneapolis, MN, Choose Insulated Glass

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Window replacement does not always have to involve the whole window. Sometimes, you can just replace the glass. When it comes time for that work, consider purchasing insulated glass, which offers advantages over other options. The doubled-paned design helps with temperature control and reducing condensation while offering greater longevity. Here are five signs that you need window replacement in Minneapolis, MN:

  • Drafty spots: If you start moving furniture away from windows, this is a sign the glass no longer serves you. While unpleasant and uncomfortable in winter, during summer it places additional pressure on your air conditioning. You may be concerned about cold drafts, but warm air entering your home will also prove detrimental. Your utility bills will increase all year long unless you upgrade to insulated glass. There is no reason to suffer these inefficiencies when new developments keep outdoor air from affecting your indoor temperature.
  • Condensation: Condensation is a result of the difference in temperature between outdoor and indoor air: warm air contacts the cooler air, and that causes the beading and fog. When this occurs, you risk mold growth. Fortunately, this issue is easily solved with replacement glass. Windows that attract excess moisture or fog usually have a bad seal, and that problem is solved with new glass.
  • Excessive maintenance demands: If you notice constant cracks in the glass or vinyl, or mechanical shortcomings like loose latches and windows that get stuck, your windows are likely at the end of their useful life. Any repairs you make or order are short-term solutions, and eventually you will need to replace the glass or even the whole window. This piecemeal spending eventually adds up, so use that money for new windows instead.
  • Poor appearance: When you let the seals in your windows decompose long enough, you will notice the black trim of mold and mildew. This is also a sign of aging glass and bad seals, and the only solution is to replace the glass. As windows age, the frames warp, and that also compromises the appearance and integrity of windows. Older glass also appears to attract a permanent layer of grime that no amount of power washing solves. This will detract from the appearance of your home soon enough. If the lower utility bills do not encourage you to replace your current windows with insulated glass, giving your home a fresh look is a good incentive.
  • Dysfunctional windows: If your windows are old but still in good condition, they should be easy to open and keep opened. Once you start propping them up to avoid that sudden slam, that is a sign that the frames and glass are too warped. Keep this up long enough and you will need new windows anyway, because if they suddenly slam shut, that could break the glass.

If you are considering window replacement in Minneapolis, MN, call Custom Glass & Screen. We offer custom windows using insulated glass, so even your odd-shaped windows can be more efficient. Contact us today for an estimate.

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